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Inuit Reviews

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I have used my 12.5 Inuit …

Submitted by: sjgrappling on 4/29/2016
I have used my 12.5 Inuit 3-4 times a month for the last two years. I have paddle lakes, lagoons, rivers and the San Joaquin Delta. It paddles easy, turns very quickly and responsively and is amazingly stable. It is one of the best touring kayaks around. Everything on it is well thought out. One particular feature I like, the forward deck is a little higher than most touring kayaks giving the paddler more room to move your legs and flex them as well as even more storage that you want quick access to. The seat is great, and I like the feature where the back is adjustable in height.

The only part of the kayak I would give a low rating to is this same raising back feature can kind of get scrunched down when you first enter the kayak. You have to be real careful to seat yourself forward some and then push into this back of the seat. The adjustable cushions on the sides of the seat are great. They snug you in and give you more confidence in stability and a sense of feeling that you are "one with the kayak". It has a hard chine allowing easy turns using only your hips. The great storage fore and aft allows you to take adequate equipment and then some for camping trips. Another great feature is the small round storage right after the seat on your back right. It is just big enough for a water bottle or snack and is easy to reach and out of the way of paddling.

This kayak cuts through waves easily and is not tossed around. It tracks well. Most importantly it has a great look on the water. Try one you will love. I won't use any other touring kayak.


The Liquid Logic Intuit 13.5 was my first kayak purchase. The Intuit 13.5…

Submitted by: Scottaorlando on 4/29/2016
The Liquid Logic Intuit 13.5 was my first kayak purchase.

The Intuit 13.5 might be the fastest heavy molded boat out there. I read that the Intuit 13.5 handles like a kayak a foot smaller and tracks like a kayak a foot longer. After using the kayak for 3 years I would agree.

The Intuit 13.5 has great primary and secondary stability making it a great choice for paddlers of any ability level. The seat is the most comfortable of any kayak I have paddled. The expandable back support is a nice touch. The thigh stabilizers are very comfortable and allow steering of the kayak just by pushing and leaning on them.

The front design of the Intuit 13.5 allows for the kayak to break tough water and push it away from the cockpit.

The only downside to the Intuit 13.5 is the weight. At 55 pounds the kayak is a little heavy, but most molded kayaks of this size and style usually are on the heavy side.

The Intuit 13.5 is a great all around kayak.


I am paddling my Inuit 12.5…

Submitted by: paddler236429 on 9/22/2015
I am paddling my Inuit 12.5 now for a while in different conditions and increased my paddling skills to a great deal so decided update my review a bit. I would consider myself now as an advanced beginner-intermediate paddler. Okay, the kayak is still a very playful boat due to its relatively short length and the typical weathercocking in moderate wind (10 m/s) is noticeable and requires quite some effort to keep it in a straight line. In these situations I would like to have a rudder (or skeg). Edging and turning goes very smoothly and fast especially on waves. For larger lakes and probably longer (overnight) excursions I would have preferred a 13.5-14.5" touring kayak with skeg or rudder.

On the other hand my 12.5 is easy to carry between lakes, get it on your car roof alone and currently I see the weather cocking as a plus, as you really need to focus on good technique which is not a bad thing for novices in the sport.


Reading reviews of others was…

Submitted by: paddler236429 on 8/12/2015
Reading reviews of others was very valuable to me before deciding what kayak to buy. So after my purchase of an ice blue Inuit 12.5 (now sold by LiquidLogic though not online) I decided to give my first impressions here. First of all I am a novice in kayaking and mainly paddle on lakes and rivers so I was looking for a touring kayak that I could take an overnight weekend trip. I tested Venture, Dagger, Elie and Jackson touring kayaks and my LiquidLogic Inuit. The Dagger Bolero fell off immediately for me, uncomfy seat and just did not feel right, the Venture was my second choice fast, fairly stable for a novice although I was not impressed by the seat.

The Inuit felt immediately right, excellent seats, very comfortable and adjustable and a very playful boat that stimulates to learn fast. The 12.5 is just under 4m but it is not a slow boat for a touring kayak and light and practical enough to do solo trips (carrying and lifting on your car). I am very pleased with this high quality kayak.


I absolutely LOVE my Inuit!…

Submitted by: mstran on 9/5/2014
I absolutely LOVE my Inuit! The seating is so comfortable that I can paddle for hours without ever feeling uncomfortable.
Why did they stop manufacturing this line of kayaks?