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Uintah Reviews

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No it's not the best kayak,…

Submitted by: paddler235877 on 8/22/2014
No it's not the best kayak, however it's a good kayak. The quality of the boat is very minimal, so I don't recommend paddling it in anything but a lake. Even the instructions tell you it's not for rapids and I'm assuming this would go for class 1 or class 2 rapids which most people find easy. It's not that you can't paddle the boat through those type of rapids, I think the biggest risk here would be punching a hole through the thin plastic on a rock.

The quality is what you expect of a boat in this price range. So treat it like you would a $4000 fiberglass kayak, in other words don't paddle it through areas that could cut a gash in your boat.

I've been kayaking for almost 10 years now, paddling both high end kayaks and low end. The Uintah is definitely on the spectrum of low end, however it won't prevent you from having fun. The tracking is not the best, however if you are an experienced kayaker you can paddle a reasonably straight line.

Speed wise is pretty decent, I was able to kayak a mile in 13:40 which is on par with a couple of my favorite low end boats. It seems like the bow wants to plow down as you are are kayaddling. The comb of the kayak has a large entry and will accommodate a paddler up to 350 pounds. Still I don't recommend anyone that size to jump in this kayak or any other with that weight limit, 250lb person could maybe, but I think if you weigh 350 you are flirting with disaster if you try it.

Make sure you adjust the foot pedals before launching, this is important if you use the proper technique when kayaking. I found I couldn't use the pedals with my shoes on, the pedals aren't wide enough to find them with tennis shoes on.

The Uintah Sit-in will turn on a dime. I haven't tested it in windy conditions yet and the kayak comes with a warning not to kayak in storm conditions, yet they tell you to be sure to get advice on how to surf it in the ocean(go figure). I would strongly advise you not surf this boat in the ocean. Still it will be interesting to see how it handles a moderate wind(meaning 5-10 mph). When I do paddle under those conditions, I'll add to this review.