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Weight (oz)

Cadence X Description

The carbon Cadence X is a result of customer request; Lendal Paddles' popular Cadence paddle is now available in a larger blade size, great for increased power and speed.

Available in straight or bent shaft

Prices range from $390-485

Cadence X Specs and Features

  • Material Description: 100% carbon fiber

Additional Attributes

  • The Leverlok System comes standard with all paddle orders
  • Available in Straight or Bent Shaft

Lendal Paddles, North America
Cadence X Reviews

Read reviews for the Cadence X by Lendal Paddles, North America as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

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I have been kayaking for…

Submitted by: pitmartin on 8/8/2022

I have been kayaking for over 30 years. During that time I’ve purchased and used many paddles. In May of 2022, I decided to add a Lendal paddle to my collection of paddles. I purchased the Lendal Cadence X. Although I like the paddle which is similar in surface area to the Werner Cyprus, I will never do business nor purchase another product from Lendal ever again. I spent a good deal of money on the Cadence X , but I had a problem with the shaft. The left side and where the ferrule meet made an incessant squeaking sound every time I place the left side blade in the water. The ‘moaning’ squeaking sound was annoying to say the least. I tried various feather configurations to eliminate the noise coming from the shaft to no avail. I then sent three(3) e-mails to Lendal and two phone calls to that company where I left voice messages to contact me. I never heard from Lendal. This is poor customer service or Lendal has no customer service at all. Conversely, when I’ve had a problem with one of my Werner paddles, I called Werner and spoke with a Werner representative immediately. So consumer be warned, if you spend close to $500 for a Lendal paddle do not expect this company to reply to any problems you may have with a paddle purchase. I for one will never do business with this company again. I thought I would alert the paddling community about Lendal’s negligence regarding customers.


Good Day….I’m giving…

Submitted by: pitmartin on 8/8/2022

Good Day….I’m giving three(3) Stars on the Lendal Cadence X paddle. Three Stars because of poor—to say the least—customer service. I purchased this model in May of 2022. While using the Cadence X I noticed an annoying squeak coming from the ferrule and the left-handed side of the paddle. Every time I put the left side of the blade into the water I got the ‘groaning’, creaking’ sound. I tried adjustments at the ferrule to no avail. More importantly, and customers beware, I called Lendal two(2) times and left voice messages regarding my purchase problem. I also left three(3) e-mails and received no response. Paddlers pay a good deal of money for these paddles and if a customer has a problem with their purchase then Lendal should respond. Personally, I will never purchase another Lendal paddle again and I’ve been paddling for over 30 years and never had a problem with a paddle to this nature nor been ignored by the company I purchased the paddle from. Poor customer service indeed.


I have used this paddle now…

Submitted by: paddler836621 on 7/27/2020
I have used this paddle now on lake Michigan on several occasions and find it feather light, stiff and with the bent shaft, easier on shoulders than a straight paddle. I was skeptical of the drip free claim but my hands stayed dry throughout the paddle. Dry hands would not be a concern during the summer, but i can see the advantage of this during colder days as i have had trouble keeping my hands dry and warm with other paddles, even with drip rings. I've used the Lendal Storm and this paddle is slightly smaller and did not tire me out as quick so i kept a higher cadence when i so desired. This will be my main paddle from now on; my heavier paddles will be spares. THis is a great paddle if you want a high end carbon paddle, though its a bit pricey......