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Why am I reviewing a discontinued kayak from a company that no longer exists? Here's why: I bought this boat 16 years ago used (once- too heavy and long for owner's motorhome), and am still paddling it today! It has been garage kept, and cleaned after most uses, but gets in the water probably 50-70 days a year. Most of my paddling is in a salt water bay, but also in the ocean, occasionally in lakes and rivers. The boat is fairly heavy (60+ lbs.) and weathercocks but is also nearly indestructible and tracks well with the rudder down. It has great space in its 15'3", with bulk heads and forward and aft hatches. There is also great storage behind the seat, which is easy to get to when out paddling. The deck rigging is useful, and there are good carrying handles front and rear. The seat is hard plastic with an adjustable back, and there is plenty of cockpit room for my 6' 175 lbs. self.

The plastic used in these older Necky boats (I also have a Necky Dolphin) really holds up. If you are in the market for a used boat, definitely give these a try.