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Stealth Reviews

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I've fished with my...

I've fished with my Stealth (that's what it was called when bought) for 14 yrs. Unbeatable for stability. Caught everything from salmon off Otter Point on Vancouver Isl, to 5lb. Rainbows + 4lb. Largemouth bass on lakes + rivers across Canada. I'm 57 and put it on my roof rack with little trouble.

I will continue to fish with this terrific watercraft till 'death do us part',and then pass it on to my grandson. Who will also get years of enjoyment from it. Comfortable and easy to paddle. I have no problem getting to top speed paddling + can stay on the water for hours. I self-installed a 'finder' and 2 rod holders for endless fishing pleasure. Best day, over 45 rainbows on Prospect lake, Van. Isl. in 4 1/2 hrs.!!!

Highly recommended for true fishing enthusiast's. 10/10

I have had mine for years...

I have had mine for years and just about everything here I have seen is correct. It is tough to paddle in the wind and waves. But I'm 260# man and 40years old and can get it through 3 and 4 ft breakers at the beach. However when on a lake or big reservoir I strap on a 2.5 hp motor. Once I get to my fishing areas I break out the paddle.

Many rigging options available for this kayak. Mine has 5 rod holders and a fish finder mounted. Tracking and turning are both good. If you like to fish big lakes and are a big man like myself.. this is the kayak 4 u. Oh and I have never swamped it even in the surf! Unbelievably stable I sit and fly fish from the deck.

Unrivaled for stability...

Unrivaled for stability the Kiwi Angler will not tip over period. Tracks almost as well as a touring kayak and, with a good performance paddle, will move as quickly as well. Comfortable fit for paddlers large and small, the Angler provides a feeling of security that allows you to utilize performance paddles to their maximum.

Stop or turn on a dime in fresh water or ride the swells in saltwater where this hybrid really shines. Initially rigged as a fishing kayak, there are plenty of options to optimize the Angler for whatever drives you. Plenty of room for gear in the rear and comfortable seating. I have found this kayak to be a great touring kayak with only a few rigging modifications.

The Angler gets my unqualified and enthusiastic two-thumbs up!

I have been using this...

I have been using this kayak (now called the Angler) for about a month. I am a beginner and stability in a sit-on-top kayak were my primary concerns, not fishing. This kayak is unbelievably stable, but the price you pay is IT IS SLOWWWWW. When I've gone out with my yak friends they can paddle for 3-4 strokes and then glide for 15-30 seconds, while I must paddle constantly to just barely keep up. The drag of the double pontoons is VERY high. The other negative is that in chop the waves slap up against the underside of the hull between the pontoons and just stop forward motion dead in its tracks. And it is a noisy boat as it moves through the water. I have also found that the paddle, while good, is not great and also does not work as efficiently as my fellow yakers paddles.

I still give this kayak an 8, as that stability is SO impressive, and if you are a naturalist like me and just want to bird and nature watch on narrow creeks and streams where speed is not an issue this kayak should definitely be at the top of your list.

I am totally impressed! ...

I am totally impressed! I'm 6'4" 260lbs and this boat handled great for a pontoon hybrid. It paddles well and it tracks straight. It is rigged for fishing which is one of the reasons I wanted it. I have a Wilderness Systems tarpon 120 and not only does it take on a lot of water, it is also easy to tip even with thigh straps and a careful paddle. I wasn't to sure about the stealth's looks but was totally sold when I saw it in person. Kiwi needs a more aggressive ad campaign for this model because a lot of kayak fisherman would love this boat. I give it a double thumbs up.

Although I have not got to...

Although I have not got to test this boat like I want, I have been out in it a few times. My father and I both were on the kayak together to test its stability (total weight of about 390lbs!). IT WILL NOT TIP! We had a 30 thrust trolling motor mounted and it zoomed along very well. Paddling it is somewhat sluggish but what can you expect from a dual-pontoon? Turning what ok. Loading on top of SUV is tricky for one person. Overall I would recommend to anyone for casual use and fishing!

I will give this boat a...

I will give this boat a rating of 10. I use this boat in freshwater lakes and in the saltwater marsh in Louisiana. I absolutely love it. The stability is awesome. I have tried to flip it and it will not. Also, I added a trolling motor to it and it works well. Even with the extra weight it still paddles the same. This boat is perfect for anyone ready to fish. Most of the time I stand up and run the troll motor. The only problem with this boat is the seat. But I have added a boat seat raised about 3 inches in the seating area and it works great. I hope anyone who purchases this boat will enjoy as much as I do.

I found this boat to be...

I found this boat to be very slow, no matter how hard I paddled. Very noisy to. This boat turned easier than I expected and it tracked well. This boat is nearly impossible to tip over. I did not have the oportunity to try it in windy conditions or in light swells.

I bought 2, my wife and I...

I bought 2, my wife and I were new to kayaks and wanted something stable, That I will give them a 10 rating. They are a little wide 36", for small paddlers. We find they are a little sluggish because of the double hull. We use them for fishing and gentle river travel for which they seem perfect. In 2 years we have never tipped one over, even while trying. Very safe feeling of control.