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Lolo Canoe Paddle

by Kialoa

Lolo Canoe Paddle Description

The Lolo Canoe Paddle is a paddle brought to you by Kialoa. Read Lolo Canoe Paddle reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other paddle recommendations below or explore all paddles to find the perfect one for you!

Lolo Canoe Paddle Reviews

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My Kialoa paddle talks to...

My Kialoa paddle talks to me. It's so light and supple in my hand, that it transmits information about the water through which I'm paddling. Truly! It's a joy to use.

I bought Lolo this spring...

I bought Lolo this spring (2007) before my 800 mile coastal paddling (First time the Finnish coastline has been paddled with open canoe, blog here: I was inspired by Sawyer double-bend paddle, which I have had several years. Now I was looking for lighter paddle and found 16-18 oz Kialoa's Lolo. First the paddle felt very awkward, but after three shortenings and some paddling the Lolo became part of me.

I am 6 ft tall & I paddled Bell Northstar, which was modified for solo paddling. The suitable length for the paddle turned out to be as short as 49,5 inches. It worked very well from flat water to over 6 feet breakers and in gusty winds. The Finnish coastline is very rocky and the Lolo got quite heavy strain & lots of hits to rocks. After the 36 day trip the paddle is like new. I think Lolo is going to be my paddle in the rivers & rapids too.

It is not easy paddle to master, but actually it helps you and forces you to use the right technique: you must keep your lower hand at a certain point and upper hand stays in very comfortable t-grip.

Rating 9. I did not give 10, because the paddle is hard to master, but once you catch the idea, there is no substitute that I know. If I find similar paddle, that is lighter, then I will change. Otherwise not.

Lolo Canoe Paddle