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  • Weight: 22 lbs

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Just had my Jet for a...

Just had my Jet for a couple of weeks and do agree; fast and stable. I'm still pretty out of shape (did some racing like 10 years ago) now in my early 30's just started the sport again for fitness. Cruising at 6,2 mph and able to speed up to 10 mph makes this a enough fast and safe after the break. Felt tippy like the first two times I paddled the Jet, but after that very stable, not afraid to take it out to the sea by myself.

Bought this boat after...

Bought this boat after starting with a very stable Dagger Catalyst 12.8 (w/ rudder). Almost gave up on the Jet, due to too many rolls in the water, but then made a "butt cradle" out of two 6' foam swim "noodles" banded together. This wedges me into the cockpit so I can control lateral rotation with my hips: no rolls since.

Do have one issue with rudder brace: has come loose inside stern. Will now learn how good Kayakpro's warranty is. Love the speed of the boat: is very discouraging to go back to a recreational boat or even my P&H Capella 166. My Jet is carbon/Kevlar 25 lbs; I use an Epic Mid-Wing carbon paddle.

O.K. Folks. I’ve now...

O.K. Folks. I’ve now owned my KayakPro Jet for 2 months and I’m ready to sound off about it. This is one fantastic boat. I’ve owned a lot of ‘em. Next year will be my 30th year of very active paddling and I’ve never been shy about buying boats.

1st of all, this is the best designed boat I could imagine for me. I am reasonably fast and fit at 62 but I’m not as steady as I once was so I wanted stability to go with my speed and I got it. Relative to how fast this boat is it is exceptionally stable. That doesn’t mean it is stable relative to some hard chined old sea kayak but relative to fast sprinting boats it is stable. I’ve had it out in serious chop and pretty good wind and while not completely comfortable I felt safe and stayed dry even without a skirt. Did I mention fast? I now cruise at speeds I used to race at. 80% effort gets me what I’ve gotten in a different trainer at 100%.

2nd this is exceptional craftsmanship. Most of the kayak products I see coming out of China are moderately to severely flawed. Not this one. Somebody found the right factory, hired the right workers and provided the right supervision. The materials are strong, light, and attractive. The fit and finish is superb. The boat looks as good as it feels. Little details, like joining the deck with seam tape that is continuous all the way through the bulkheads seems standard until you see some Chinese products. Not this one. It is built right.

3rd the price of this boat is below that of most competitive products. KayakPro probably ought to be getting a premium for this quality rather than selling for what amounts to a discount. This works for me. I hope it keeps working for them.

I just recently became the...

I just recently became the proud owner of the carbon fiber Jet. I am a light female paddler with a good amount of experience. This boat is absolutly wonderful! Nice and light for loading, potage etc., tracks very well without even using the rudder, and because of added width, very stable. With this width you might expect to sacrifice speed but I feel this is not so with the jet. I hope to use it in the Adirondack 90 miler this fall and see how it performs. I did cross Lake Ontario this week in a Watermen Nelo and the boat was such a good choice, extremly sea worthy! Only took us 11 hrs in 4-5 ft swells and knots between15-18! I rate this boat a 10 in my book and what I use it for.

After having extensively...

After having extensively used the Jet for almost a year, I am surprised by SUBARUGURU's review. Not having much luck with things shiny and new, in my first race with the Jet I hit an underwater rock with the skeg that made the entire back end of the kayak lift up. It put a slight crack in the skeg and bent my rudder but no damage other than that. In fact, being much better at paddling than portage, I have dropped, dragged, jammed over beaver dams and basically abused the Jet without even the slightest damage to the craft (except, of course, for those scratches and dings I deserved...). I haven't used buoyancy bags and have, after swimming with the boat for a bit, emptied the full kayak a variety of times without any cracking of any kind. I am eventually going to put on some deck rigging to hold my lifejacket, however, at least I will be able to put the rigging where I WANT to put it. After many days of paddling in the sun, the gelcoat shows no signs of oxidative "exposure". The Jet has been just plain fun and fast to paddle. I've put more miles in this touring/racing kayak than any other I've had.

Glass. KayakPro's...

Glass. KayakPro's description as a 6 out of 10 for stability is optimistic, and they and their reps admit that! An intermediate (me) will be able to balance this thing only in VERY flat water the first 1/2 dozen outings. In light chop it capsizes easily, and since it is has no bulkheads I strongly suggest judicious placement of buoyancy bags, of which I use FIVE because a trio have to be squished beside the rudder/skeg hardware.

Comments from others re great speed and silky glide are confirmed. Glass construction is beautiful, but QUITE FRAGILE! Lifting the stern with only 2" water ballast resulted in cracking off the seat platform, requiring extensive epoxy-repair. Similar stress cracks along the underside hull rear of the seat platform do NOT inspire confidence! Thr new small rudder-protecting skeg is a nice design, albeit mine is drilled a bit off-center. The seat is quite comfy...even better with a very thin (1/8") self-stick pad. Interesting OE optional zippered sprayskirt works well, but OE cockpit cover is cheaper quality. STRONGLY suggest keeping cockpit covered and use of buoyancy bags to prevent cracking of hull when handling JET with ANY water in it...or if left upright in the rain on land or supported on roof racks. This hull is thin and much more brittle than sea kayaks. Its sub-30lb weight is not just about lack of rigging, bulkheads, and narrowness, but also due to very thin construction. The coaming seems a bit flexy for a 200 lb-er, as well, but seems to be holding up well. I'm looking forward to a second season with the JET, but only in relatively flatwater for workouts. If the hull continues to show stress fissures, or the seat platform cracks again I'll have to downrate to a 6. If it stays intact throughout the year I'll raise to an 8. I'm hoping for good luck!

I took delivery of the Jet...

I took delivery of the Jet the first week of Oct. '05 at the start of the GREAT FLOOD of '05. So excited I paddled between heavy rains in a Cove at low tide. I'm coming from a CD Sirocco now Seda Glider to my first developmental/training boat. I paddled the very next am, the next, the next...

Very scary those first days BUT you learn not to take chances and VIP keep your propulsion.

  • Cockpit - long and roomy 10.
  • Seat - Fully adjustable and a beautiful Carbon Fibre weave 10.
  • Foot pad - Wooden large platform for pushing off and fully adjustable. 10.
  • Steering - Aluminum Rod centered between yr feet. Easy to operate. 10.
  • Steering Sensitivity - Moderate, which I like as a beginner. An integral skeg just forward of the rudder serves as a protector and an offset to the steering impact so as not to throw you. Also, it helps the boat track. Huge 10
  • Fit & Finish - Excellent appearance - no rough edges, cockpit sole is glassed over, nice touch. 10.
  • Durability - I will wait a year to see how it stands up to wear and tear.
  • Speed - I've been training alone for 3 weeks and finally entered a race - the Potato (last of the NECKRA series). Much to my surprise and lack of experience - I did very well. It was an 8 mi. course and the river was moving. The eddies along the banks were troublesome because their positions varied and you couldn't keep a line on the inside. The boat excels in shallow water (my training) but I had to go into the current on the return 4 mi. leg and then it was MAGIC. Against the current, I was gaining on, catching and passing boats! I got into a groove and paddled. It not only surprised me but also my friendly opponents who remarked of my speed upstream against the current. This boat is slippery on the water. I am not carrying a GPS at this time because I need to concentrate on balance and stroke at this early level.
  • Stability - for an entry level boat 6ish. Just as advertised - on the steady side. As long as you PUT IN THE TIME
  • Appearance - Sleek and flat deck 10.
  • Weight - 26ish lbs.
  • Kayakpro Office - Excellent to deal with and get back to you right away.

    PS: I entered the ICF Class and could have entered the K-1 Touring class in that the boat is 18" at the 4" waterline. ( I didn't realize this at the time.) I passed the fellow who finished 2nd in that class! I recommend this boat highly to anyone who wants to make the leap from a Sea Kayak. Safe paddling and join us in the NECKRA series next year. THE JET ROCKS!

  • The Kayakpro Jet falls...

    The Kayakpro Jet falls into the Touring K1 racing class. At an initial glance, one could think that it is a Nelo Razor with a different name, however, there are substantial differences between them. Although designed to race, if you are not a racer do not be dismayed. This is a pleasure to paddle and train in no matter what the speed.

    The Jet has many subtle features not found on other kayaks one of which is a small skeg that protects the under stern rudder and aids in directional stability. Unlike many other "glass" kayaks, it is finished (to a smooth surface) both outside and inside. The "fit and finish" is excellent with bow and stern inserts as protection and the seat and footrest being one of the easiest to adjust I have ever experienced.

    It is not as sleek and narrow as one would think. The apparent broadness near the bow seem as though the Jet may be giving up speed for stability. This is not even close to the truth! The Jet is extremely fast even when compared to peer kayaks and even competes with Unlimited Class k1s. It handles difficult conditions with ease and promotes a very secure feeling for the paddler. The Jet moves well in the water and glides extremely well between strokes. Cruising at 6.5 to 6.9 mph with reasonable fitness is quite easy. Speeds at and above 7 mph for longer periods of time are attainable with good stroke technique and training. With considerable effort (a true understatement...), I have obtained 10.3 mph, no wind, no current assist and GPS verified.

    I am frequently asked, "Is it faster than boat X?" Without considerable additional information such as; at what speed, over what length of time and under what water conditions, relative boat speed comparisons are difficult to understand. With the many friends that I've let paddle this kayak, all have remarked how secure and fast they felt while paddling it. The Jet is a very fast and stable kayak.