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by  Jetboil

Pot Support Description

The Pot Support is a accessory brought to you by Jetboil. Read Pot Support reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other accessory recommendations below or explore all accessories to find the perfect one for you!

Pot Support Reviews


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Pot Support Reviews

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The Jetboil Pot Support is a…

Submitted by: kaulua on 7/8/2015
The Jetboil Pot Support is a simple, must-have accessory if you wish to really utilize the Jetboil MiniMo stove's full cooking range. The support adapts a Jetboil stove (PCS, Zip, Flash, Sol, and MinniMo) so that it can be used with regular pots and pans. The pot support makes it possible to cook a variety of foods, from frying a pound of bacon to boiling a large pot of rice.

Additionally, the package comes with a canister Stabilizer (orange fold-out tripod). This piece also comes with most newer Jetboil systems, so if you buy this accessory, you'll end up with a spare.

The pot support is a pretty solid and simple design, made of stainless steel. It weighs 1.2 oz. It has 4 tines or arms that fold in and out, to go from storage mode to cooking mode. I'll admit that I was flummoxed by this feature when I first received the pot stand...the pictures on the packaging didn't click with me at all. A rep from Jetboil had to send me some more pics and a description before I finally got it. I was initially convinced that it must not be made to fit the new MiniMo (the packaging doesn't list it) but yes, it does indeed does.

When fitting the support onto the stove, the support must be rotated about an inch clockwise so that the tines line up with the indent circles of the stove. This will lock the support onto the stove. If it is merely placed on top of the stove, it will be unstable and could lead to problems.

As you can see, the Pot Support doesn't significantly increase the contact diameter of the stove, so the instructions recommend not using a pan over 9 inches in diameter or 3 Liters in volume. Also note that the gap between the burner and pot means that heat transfer will not be as efficient as if one were using the integrated pot with flux ring. Expect to burn through more gas and have problems keeping the stove lit if it's gusty.

They also suggest always using the canister Stabilizer...a good idea if you're going to push the boundaries of the suggested pot size, like I did with a very large frying pan and a pound of bacon one morning. I actually think the larger frying pan worked better because the weight of it offset the weight of its handle. I noticed that using a much smaller pan with a long handle, was much more unstable. Then again, I won't be taking such pans backpacking with me anyways.

The Pot Support folds up and fits inside the MiniMo pot, over the canister. The support would nest even better if using a smaller-sized canister.

The Pot Support is a great accessory. It adds a little over an ounce of weight and some extra bulk, but it would really be ideal for converting a single-person cook system (the Jetboil stove and integrated pot) to a multi-person cook system. For car-camping and kayak trips, where the weight and bulk of carrying larger pans did not matter, the MiniMo stove proved to be an excellent resource for some gourmet outdoors cooking.

I would recommend getting the pot support if you wish to increase the usefulness of your Jetboil stove, especially the MiniMo. If you've already spent the money on the stove, why not spend another $20? I do wish that the support came packaged with the stove, so that would be my main criticism.