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Super Fun

7' 1"
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Super Fun Reviews

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Great boat for big guys. I am…

Submitted by: paddler234125 on 7/11/2011
Great boat for big guys. I am 6'4", 260lbs 33" inseam with size 14 feet. I fit fine. Don't even have the seat all the way back. I had been away from kayaking for over 20 years. This boat is stable and responsive, even at the upper end of the weight range. I would recommend it to any large person looking to get into a play style boat.

All right, so i finally got a…

Submitted by: paddler232027 on 5/11/2007
All right, so i finally got a chance to take the super fun on some decent moving water today. The Vermilion river in Illinois is class I-IV depending on the season and has a lot of different water all through out the length of it. I was very impressed with how well it handles when i take it over falls, playing in holes was a blast because of the flat hull and i was able to spin right out when i got done. It was also a lot more stable than i was expecting. I always caught water on the stern of my other boats when i was leaving an eddy and became a bit unstable and started to tip backwards, but not with the super fun. When i did fall back, i wasn't worried at all because it would flatten out right when i wanted it to. It also tracks remarkably well for a flat hull and no skeg or lines, which i was a bit worried about. was also a blast to play under the falls and be able to so easily pull enders. i have never been able to do that, and am slowly getting better and better. Never really having surfed in hydrolics before either, mainly because my other boats weren't able to very well, that was by far the most relaxing and fun part of the day. The comfort level was unbelievable. Being 6'5 and 245 lbs and a shoe size of 14-15, it has always been hard to find a boat that is playful, buoyant and has a large enough inseam, but the super fun has all of those. I was out from 11:30 today until 5:00 playing and it was by far the most absolutely comfortable boat that i have ever been in before. Also, the neat thing about it i didn't know until a few days ago when i was out with my cousin, who is a drinker, is that between the seat and the sides, there are 2 holders for bottles of beer, maybe not beer exactly, but 2 bottles of beer fit in them perfectly. The water bottle bolder between the legs is also great because it is not in the way at all, and it held my nalgene bottle in even at one point when i had to swim. All in all, i am very happy with the boat and have not found any problems or cons yet with it. being so light also, it is very easy when i have to portage over rocks.

Everyone keeps talking about…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/21/2006
Everyone keeps talking about the comfortable fit of the super EZ for a big guy, They should try the superfun. I am 6'1" 240# and fit into the superfun with room to spare. The happy feet is the best thing since the invention of kayaks. The boat is super responsive and fairly fast. The low volume ends make hole play very fun. In my opinion this boat is the best I have ever paddled.