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Nice kayak for the…

Submitted by: paddler549201 on 9/4/2019

Nice kayak for the intermediate kayaker on rivers and lakes. It does well in the ocean but is a little heavy and short for choppy conditions. Skeg tends to get clogged with rocks when launching from the beach and this can be problematic once on the water. Bulkheads are tight and waterproof. I am a small guy and the cockpit is tight and conforms well to the paddler. The low volume allows it to sit low in the water and yet moves well. Seat was also an issue when doing wet exits and re-entering the kayak. I was jammed into the cockpit and could not move during a wet exit and re-entry on the kayak when the seat folded down trapping me in the cockpit and required assistance to free me. If I had tipped I could not have gotten out of the kayak. The kayak group leader who runs kayak trips and owns a kayak shop was concerned about the safety of that feature. I called Islay and they said they didn't design the kayak for adventurous kayaking. I informed them that a wet exit and re-enter is a basic kayaking safety procedure and the kayak should not impeded or endanger the paddler during the process. I was forced to purchase a replacement seat back that didn't fold down for $69.00 so be aware that you should replace the seat back or arrange with seller to swap the seat back before you purchase.


Nice kayak but I found the…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/10/2018

Nice kayak but I found the high seat back problematic in getting a spray skirt on and I had one dangerous issue with the seat while practicing self rescues. The seat back is always folding down when trying to enter the cockpit. During a wet exit and self rescue practice I entered the cock pit during a self rescue and as I slip into the cockpit the seat folded down. Usually it ends up under me and I have to exit the kayak to bring the seat back to the up position. This time it folded down and wedged me into the from of the kayak at and angle. I couldn't move and I couldn't reach the paddle behind me and the kayak wanted to roll. I was pretty scared because I would not be able to exit the cockpit should I roll. I yelled for help and an instructor came over and he attempted to get the seat back up with no luck. They got me to the side of the practice pool and 2 men grabbed my arms and shoulders and with their legs on the kayak, pried me out of the cockpit. The seat is comfortable but I would recommend getting the shorter sport seat. I am trying to locate one but have bneen unsuccessful so far.

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