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Encore Reviews


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Encore Reviews

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This Islander was my first…

Submitted by: torinoangie on 3/20/2013
This Islander was my first ever kayak. It is 10' long and I am 5'6" 125lbs.. It does not feel tipsy at all. I have had this Kayak for 4 years now and it has seen well over a dozen rivers each season. It is light to carry when I have to portage and it is sturdy. Got caught in the rain and hit a few boulders in the water. I have not seen many kayaks like this one and I get lots of compliments. It came with a comfy seat, adjustable foot pegs and built in cup holder in the seat. My only complaint is that although my dry hatch is HUGE, it is not separate from the rest of the boat so things will get wet if not stored in a dry bag. I would recommend this Islander Encore Kayak to anyone beginning or even for an expert. Qualities I would look for in my next Kayak are more storage options.

I just bought an Encore at a…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/24/2010
I just bought an Encore at a cost of $60.00 - it came off a car at 50 mph and all that happened was a small crack on the starboard stearn; a thermo patch and the boat was has good as new. this is a testament to the sturdiness of this boat

I've paddled in the San…

Submitted by: paddler232761 on 7/22/2008
I've paddled in the San Juans, on Lake Washington, around Maui, and in the Willamette River in boats ranging from 14' to 18'. I was looking for a boat in that range but was having a hard time justifying the expense given how often I would get into big enough water to really appreciate them. Then I ran into this boat at Costco just after I moved near a smaller river with several put-ins just minutes from my house. I've been out with it several times over the last couple years and I am very pleased with the boat. It has good stability, is pleasant to paddle, plays nicely in tight spots, and I don't worry about needing much space in put-ins and take-outs. It doesn't generate a lot of hull speed being only 10', but it's perfect for what I've been doing a lot of: small river paddling. Given the price I couldn't recommend it more. If you have a bigger boat but find yourself getting pinched in smaller water or don't like scratching it up in tight or rocky entries/exits, then make this your second boat.

I love my kayak. I, too, am…

Submitted by: paddler230910 on 8/14/2006
I love my kayak. I, too, am new to kayaking but that is what is perfect about this kayak. Cost was about $350 at Costco and I have gotten to try a great new sport. I am having fun in serveral of the lakes in Bellingham, WA. Maybe some day I'll step up but for now this is perfect!

I just bought two Islander…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/30/2005
I just bought two Islander Encore Kayaks from Costco. They are just under 10' long. I have to tell you these kayaks are so much fun and were a great buy at $359 each which included sprayskirts, car carriers, and paddles. All you need to add is a PFD. These kayaks do well in lakes, slow moving rivers, and up to class 1+ rapids. I have a 16' kayak but love to take these out when I just want to have fun. The rear hatch is not a sealed compartment but does give you access to place items. The seat can become a little uncomfortable after about an hour but I have yet to find a seat that is comfortable in a rec kayak and I have tried quite a bit of them.

I'm a novice, so take this…

Submitted by: riverratj on 6/1/2005
I'm a novice, so take this with a grain of salt. I was in a kayak for the first time this Memorial Day weekend and ended up putting in over twelve miles (using GPS odometer) of incredibly fun kayaking with this boat in conditions varying from calm to windy, river to blowing, stormy Lake Huron and two foot plus white caps. What a blast! I was so nervous about kayaking initially. These boats were really fun. I got them at "Costco" in Michigan for $325.00 each including a car top carrier, a paddle and the skirt that goes around you and seals the boat from water. The backrest is adjustable, bungees on the front and a watertight storage on the back. I know these are introductory boats, but they have turned me into a fanatic! I would recommend them to anyone looking to try it out. I think they served well in most conditions, excepting in big waves and high winds where I'd give them a 6 on a 1-10 because they would get driven off course by wind and wave action. I'm sure because they're shorter. But they sure turn nicely and are very stable. These boats are great.