Sea Runner XL Expo

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Sea Runner XL Expo Description

The Sea Runner XL Expo is a kayak brought to you by Hydra Kayaks. Read Sea Runner XL Expo reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other kayak recommendations below or explore all kayaks to find the perfect one for you!

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Sea Runner XL Expo Reviews

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This is a LOVE STORY!My Sea…

Submitted by: paddler827208 on 7/19/2020
This is a LOVE STORY! My Sea Runner is an old friend and a Fantastic Sea Kayak. My one and only Sea Kayak for, I think 35 years. We had a house in Strathmere NJ for 40 years and I left the boat on the beach year round so I could use it when ever I wanted. The house was on Corsons Inlet, so I could paddle in the ocean or the bay. I did nothing to maintain the boat, poor thing. It did not seem to to matter how much abuse it took because it was always fast and stayed on track. It only needed one repair after I was riding a particularly large wave and the bow went straight into the trough of the wave and into a sand bar. My feet instantly broke both peddles and stuffed me into the boat as I was pitch poled by the wave. I lived at the shore year round for 7 years and a friend of mine and I would go our for a paddle summer, fall, winter and Spring. We never missed going out on the full moon. He is an artist and he painted a large painting of me in the Sea Runner paddling into the full moon. I am now 74 and live on the Delaware river. I bought some river kayaks and enjoy them but my go to boat is still the Sea Runner. I can go for long paddles for hours at a time. We are near Philadelphia and the river is fresh water but tidal. The tide runs at about 7 knots. This means that if I time the tides right, I practically never have to paddle. Usually, I time it to go out against the tide and come home with the tide. Life is good and the Sea Runner is always ready to go. I love this boat? Bill Cowan

If you're reading this 2016…

Submitted by: WH1 on 9/12/2016
If you're reading this 2016 review, you've probably come across an old Sea Runner selling cheap on Craig's List - that's how I got mine. I actually like this kayak a lot. It tracks well and is quite stable (about 25 inches wide) without feeling like a barge. Mine has a rudder that looks like a later add-on, but the tracking is good and weather cocking is minimal so it does fine without the rudder. Mine was pretty much a battered wreck when I got it (rotted out hatch and bulkhead seals, heavily scratched and scraped, green slime growing inside, etc.), but after some refurb investment and a day or so of work I have a decent kayak.

Some observations: the plastic is not as stiff as newer plastic kayaks I've used - there's an aluminum keelson (a pole down the middle) to stiffen the kayak; it feels fairly light for a 17 foot plastic boat; there's not a lot of flair to the bow so it tends to plunge through boat wakes instead of riding up over them, but the relatively high peaked deck forward of the cockpit deflects the water well; the seat back is minimal and comfortable without getting in the way, but I found the seat pan to have a little too deep of a depression, causing my hips to get pinched by the sides of the seat (I'm not a wide person) - I made a custom seat pad out of stiff foam to raise my butt up an inch or so and the seat is great now.

I bought mine for exploring the Maine coast without having to worry about scratching up my more expensive fiberglass boat. Overall, it's working out great for me.


I have owned 2 SeaRunners for…

Submitted by: Rubberrevolver on 8/19/2011
I have owned 2 SeaRunners for 20 years. Leaving them outside has taken a toll on them, and need to be replaced. BUT, I have paddled the boats up creeks that I couldn't turn around in. I have paddled the boats in the open Gulf of Mexico. I have surfed them and paddled them in the swiftest waterways in Florida. The performance has been great... very enjoyable and maneuverable boat. It's time for new ones and I most likely will get the same boat. I have always loved the hull design for easy turning in small creeks. It tracks very well considering it's not a V Hull.

Very solid kayak with great…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/1/2007
Very solid kayak with great speed and somewhat decent turning ability considering it's 17' long.

Very fast kayak considering…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/17/2005
Very fast kayak considering it's plastic. Handles everything well. Nice looking. Comparable to a Perception Eclipse Sea Lion. Designed by Tom Derrer, a kayak racer, who started Eddyline kayaks.
Sea Runner XL Expo