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I recently acquired a 2 year…

Submitted by: Out_of_Line on 10/26/2020
I recently acquired a 2 year old Hornbeck New Tricks 12 in really good condition, without ever having test paddled one. What an incredible surprise, so much so that I was compelled to pen a review. I have had several pack boats (Swift, Placid Boatworks, Wenonah) as well as solo canoes, but the NT 12 is unique. I use a single blade almost exclusively and the narrow beam of the NT 12 enables a nice vertical stroke. The carbon/Kevlar matrix layup is really stiff as well as attractive; yes, a scratch coat bottom would be nice, but not essential at this price-point. The Hornbeck closed cell foam seat seems primitive at first, and I had thought of replacing it, but I have spent 3 to 4 hours at a time in the saddle and it is extremely comfortable. The only issue I had (a minor issue really) was with the fixed backrest, as there is no adjustment for height or angle, so I replaced it with a kayak-style strap back rest. Initial stability of the NT 12 may seem tender to those unfamiliar with pack style or solo canoes, but confidence will increase quickly with a little time on the water. The best part of the NT 12 is the 18 pound weight when you lift it off the rack or carry it to the launch, as well as the glide you get with each stroke. After one shoulder surgery and 65 birthdays, I can certainly understand why Hornbeck says on their web-page that the New Tricks 12 is their best-selling pack boat!

This is a mid depth, 17#,…

Submitted by: paddler235646 on 7/2/2014
This is a mid depth, 17#, low-profile boat, which I have paddled for 2 yrs. Initial stability is very tender, 2ndary stability much better. Fast, especially to windward, with feathered fiber paddle. Absolutely great on the trail - simply shoulder it, a yoke would be unnecessary weight. The carbon fiber outer layer, is very scratch / damage prone compared to a poly boat - treat it gently! Stock seating could be designed more comfortably.

All-in-all, I like the boat and expect to paddle it for many yrs. If you're a packer - this is your boat.