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Maui Reviews

Read reviews for the Maui by Hobie as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

this kayak is incredible....

this kayak is incredible. it has been smashed on rocks and endured a beating like no kayak ever should and emerged with minor scratches. not only is it indestructible, but it is a perfect size for one person. I launch it in the surf and it handles wonderfully in the waves. plenty of usable space and its great speed and stability has made it my go-to fishing kayak for offshore excursions. I launch with my buddy who has a newer Hobie angler with a mirage drive and easily outpace him while he pedals hard. all in all this kayak is possibly the best kayak I have seen in similar ranges, i would highly recommend this to anyone

I have used the Maui for...

I have used the Maui for surf launching and recreational ocean paddling for a few times now and it doesn’t disappoint. In the surf it’s stability allows ofne to launch and surf with ease, making for fun return trips. On the open water it glides fairly well however in chip there is hull slap which makes it difficult in wind. However it is a great recreational kayak that will make great memories on the water.

Maui is a great kayak,...

Maui is a great kayak, stable, you do get wet. I am 230 lbs and my b*tt was always in the water. If the water is warm like Cuba, no problem. Two reasons why this is a 8 rating: being wet it is heavy, I could not lift it off the beach by myself. rating of 8? stable stable stable

The Maui is a good solid...

The Maui is a good solid kayak. One of my favorite kayaks is my Hobie Pursuit, and I had an opportunity to paddle a friend's Maui. My initial impression of the Maui is that it was very similar to my Pursuit, only shorter, wider, and a little heavier. The extra width and weight made the kayak more stable than the Pursuit (which many reviews complained about), but it also reduced the speed of the kayak. But it seems that most people tend to prefer the stability to the slight loss of speed.

The Maui also has a great stern cargo area. We were doing field research, collecting crabs, and were able to fit all of our gear and have access to it while sitting. (plastic milk crates work well for organizing gear.) The hull shape of the Maui lends itself to some hull slap it the water is anything but a mirror surface.

I should also note that the Maui I paddled was old, had been used and abused, and took on water. So I imagine that the excess water weight I carried in the hull didn't help the perceived slowness of the kayak.

All in all, the Hobie is a good solid kayak I would recommend it those looking to get into the sport of kayaking.

Just got a Hobie Maui. I...

Just got a Hobie Maui. I was nervous at first that it might not hold me (6 foot, 205 pounds), but it holds fine. It does fill up with a little water when I take it out, but nothing too bad. I took it out into the Gulf of Mexico yesterday, it rode fine through the waves. I even packed a tackle box (Yak Pak) with a fishing pole and went fishing. Had three dolphins swim 15 yards away next to me.

I would definitely recommend the Hobie Maui for whatever you want to do.

  • Cheaper
  • Lighter
  • Fairly Long
  • Cargo room


  • You get wet from the waist down
  • For someone my weight, it sometimes is tricky trying to move in the kayak

My wife and I purchased...

My wife and I purchased both a Maui and a Mirage for use on Tampa Bay. I was very happy with how well the Maui handles. It is very stable and reasonably quick. Light chop and 2-3 foot waves are no problem except when you are taking them broadside. While the open cargo area in back is handy anything there will get wet. The only thing is that it is a little heavy for one person to load on a cartop carrier. Overall it is an excellent kayak for a beginner or an experienced paddler.

I am giving the Maui a 10....

I am giving the Maui a 10. I love this Kayak for its versatility. My fiancé and myself do a lot of Kayaking in the Connecticut River basin. There can be a lot of boat wake and tough currents during the tide changes. The Maui remains very stable, and my fiancé who can one in a while be a little intimidated by unstable conditions has grown very confident on this kayak.

With a few dry sacks you can bring anything with you. With a few folding chairs and a cooler, we basically Kayak so that we may find beaches that others can’t get too. But we also take full day trips as well, and these boats prove they are very tough. This Summer I will fish off of mine. That review will come later.

I have rented different...

I have rented different kayaks, trying to fine what I feel is a great kayak for the 1st time kayaker and for the experienced kayaker. This is the kayak for YOU. I can not roll in it and I weight 250 lbs and I am 6 ft tall. Also it is easy to control and is good in wind and wave action. Very Safe.

Draw-Backs, your going to get wet, how wet is your choice. All SOT kayaks, your going to get wet. Also I noticed about a cup of water each time in the body of the kayak when I am out. I have had this problem also with other kayaks. For a safe,fun and yet well controlable easy to paddle kayak, You can not beat this Hobie Maui for value and Quality. Go get on, You will not regret it.

My son and I rented Ocean...

My son and I rented Ocean Kayak Scrambler and Hobie Mauis for a couple of years before buying a Maui. We felt the boat was a little more comfortable than the Scrambler. We have taken this boat in the bay, surf them constantly, and have had them in 1+ level whitewater. I love this boat! In the surf it tends to follow the line you put it into and turns are nearly impossible. As an all purpose boat it fit the bill. I added thigh straps and we both have backrests. Because it is plastic we have no concerns when we are out at San Onofre or in the Channel Islands. As we grow, we have added Wave Sport and Riot to the stable. I intend to add a touring boat, perhaps next year. The only way to replace my Maui is with two boats, one exclusively for surf and another for touring and camping. Until I have that much money, the Maui is for me.

This is a very stable and...

This is a very stable and versatile boat. It's not as sleek, long or as fast as the Hobie Pursuit but handles itself well in the ocean and bay and smaller river and lakes. It has more open cargo space (perfect for a small cooler). It's a great sit on top for a beginning paddler and those wishing to do recreational paddling . I wouldn't recommend this boat if you want to do any type of distance paddling but because of it's smaller size, is great for paddling smaller creeks and narrow rivers.