Heritage Ser. Prospector 16-4

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The Heritage Ser. Prospector 16-4 is a canoe brought to you by H2O Canoe Company. Read Heritage Ser. Prospector 16-4 reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other canoe recommendations below or explore all canoes to find the perfect one for you!

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Heritage Ser. Prospector 16-4 Reviews

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A friend said this to me…

Submitted by: paddler2194745 on 7/19/2022

A friend said this to me before I bought one of these canoes, "it's like a Swift canoe, but better and way more affordable".


I have owned canoes from a…

Submitted by: paddles on 6/10/2022

I have owned canoes from a variety of the better known manufacturers.I have always sought a Prospector style with good rocker (not extreme - about 2- 3 inches) so the hull could turn easily in twisting beaver trails; symmetrical design so I can paddle solo using the back of the bow seat as my seat and the stern as my forward end; higher volume sides with semiarched hull and flaring bow and stern that will lift in heavy water and keep the interior from taking on water; I didn't want a shoe keel but I did want skid plates (to protect the bow and stern from all the rocky shores on the lakes and rivers within the Canadian Shield country where I paddle most); I wanted a deep dished carrying yoke so the portages are comfortable and the canoe won't slide side to side or backwards or forwards on my shoulders; the hull needed to be strong and not wobble, flex, twist or oilcan; I like cherry gunwales, thwarts, seats and handles(I don't mind giving them a swipe of tongue oil or linseed oil each use); I want a hull strong enough that I can take the fully loaded canoe and drag it over a small beaver dam without unloading; and it needs to weigh under 45 pounds. After years of searching, I found H2O Canoe. The hull on my 17'6" Innegra Basalt,Epoxy Pro Prospector meets all of my requirements and then some more. There is no gel coat to crack!! The hull is sleek, strong, stiff, and tracks well. The canoe is fast and able to turn in the twists of a beaver trail even fully loaded. It will carry a big load for multi day/week trips and still have room for passengers; I got the black ash wood throughout; the integrated gunwales are not wood but are extremely strong and maintenance free; the foam core floor and ribs sandwiched between the materials and completely integrated by the epoxy makes for the lightest but strongest hull. Easy to clean and easy to put on the van roof racks by myself. The best canoe I've ever had!!

Heritage Ser. Prospector 16-4

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