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First Need Deluxe Purifi

First Need Deluxe Purifi Description

The First Need Deluxe Purifi is a accessory brought to you by General Ecology. Read First Need Deluxe Purifi reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other accessory recommendations below or explore all accessories to find the perfect one for you!

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First Need Deluxe Purifi Reviews

Read reviews for the First Need Deluxe Purifi by General Ecology as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

Though I have only used...

Though I have only used one other water filter, the First Need by far exceeds performance of the other one I used (MSR). I have taken it on 3 week long trips of 3-4 people and the flow is just now starting to slow. With the MSR, we pumped 2 bottles, and had to disassemble it and clean it. What a pain the MSR was.

I've lost directions on cleaning my FN filter, so not sure if you just back flush or have to buy a new filter. Waiting to hear back from FN customer service. Nice that a bottle screws on to the unit, so you are not fumbling around wasting filtered water.

I bought the FN because I found excellent reviews on this filter (flow rate) and it took out all the small stuff one needs to be concerned about.
You won't be disappointed. Don't waste any more time reading reviews.... go buy it.
I highly recommend.

I've been a backpacker for...

I've been a backpacker for years, and am new to the kayak world. First I would like to say that you kayakers get to carry ALOT more gear than backpackers, the only complaint I could have about this filter is that it is fairly large, and fairly heavy compared to some, and it has a non-field maintainable filter. With that said, I've owned a multitude of filters throughout the years and this thing blows them all out of the water for 3 reasons.
  1. It filters out viruses. It is the only water filter out there that I am aware of that will do such a thing with nasty chemicals that I won't want to be ingesting.
  2. The flow rate is insane, the unit double pumps allowing it to pump water not only on the down stroke but also on the upstroke. A full Nalgene should take less than 60 seconds.
  3. The case it comes in doubles as a waterbag. If you don't like to pump... fill the bag and let gravity do the work.
I have heard people getting water from questionable places, I have filtered water out of mud puddles that have a metallic sheen on the waters surface, and gotten clear tasting odorless water. Believe it or not, I have filtered food coloring out of water with this purifier. It is simply the best...

I have found the First...

I have found the First Need to be the best filter I have ever had. When used correctly it will turn the greenest water crystal clear and taste and odor free. It has been 100% reliable. I dont mind a little sand in my oatmeal or a damp sleeping bag but I must have perfect water and this is the only filter I will ever use . I wish the replacement elements were less costly but you can get 100 gallons from one. I use this trick to get the long life out of my filter.... First I fill a collapsible bucket from the source, then hang it on something that wont be damaged .Let it sit for half an hour as you set up camp. Then I slip a cotton infant sock ( actual sock a baby wears works great ).over the pre filter and start pumping out of the bucket and that takes care of filter clogging silt. Then fill several bottles and your set. It screws right to most water bottles so thats a plus.

I purchased my first need...

I purchased my first need purifier this spring because we wanted to start camping out of our kayaks and carrying water for extended trips and I have taken water from all types of water sources streams, lakes ,and even the susquehanna river muddy or clear and it has worked like a champ I have never had a problem with it ,it fills a 32 oz nagalene bottle quickly and the water has no bad taste ,the filter can be backwashed and even if the filter becomes clogged it comes with a bag that will allow you to filter water thru the purifier without pumping i've tried it and it does work ,my only complaint is that the intake hose is a little to short for my liking (36"),otherwise this is an excellent choice for all your water needs....

The FirstNeed water...

The FirstNeed water purifier has been one of my best buys. I've used it since the early 80's and it's never let me down. In larger group camping we all end up using my FirstNeed purifier because the other brands were a pain to use, or stopped working altogether. The only reason it's not rating a "10" is its bulk/weight and replacement filters seem expensive.

First Need Deluxe Purifi