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Trophy 144 (12FT) Description

The Trophy™ 144 is the larger version of our Trophy™ sit-in fishing kayak series. The Trophy™ includes its standard dihedral hull for the ultimate in stability and tracking. This loaded fishing-friendly kayak features two flush mounted rod holders, sealed rear bulkhead. Storage is no issue with two elliptical storage hatches with bungees.The Trophy™144 is a perfect combination of a sit in touring and fishing kayak.

Trophy 144 (12FT) Specs and Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Cockpit Type: Sit on Top / Open Cockpit
  • Seating Configuration: Solo
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Additional Attributes

  • Dihedral hull for the ultimate in stability and tracking
  • Adjustable back rest and removable seat cushion
  • Adjustable Step Lock foot rest system
  • 10" x 18" elliptical storage hatches, bow and stern
  • Bow and stern carry handles
  • Front and rear bungees
  • Front and rear bungees Integrated drain plugs
  • Molded in cup holder

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Trophy 144 (12FT) Reviews

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I have owned this kayak…

Submitted by: Raymatt on 6/3/2021

I have owned this kayak since about 2010 and love it. It is very, very stable. It has no problem meeting large wakes from passing boats. I sometimes let them come side-on, and sometimes nose into them, depending on the size. I am outfitting it with a trolling motor currently. Oh, oh, I can hear the purists groan but I have shoulder injuries so need a little assistance. Besides I want to use it for fishing and trolling makes sense. It is one of the easiest kayaks to add a trolling motor to because of the two fishing rod holders. I changed the rod holders so they point outward so I can attach my cross piece level for attaching the motor. Love it and can't wait to try it out.


Very Stable. Great value for…

Submitted by: paddler444579 on 6/19/2018

Very Stable. Great value for the price. Found it to be great for lakes and calm water, not the best for faster water or rapids. Doesn't track well in the faster water. Great for entry level or strictly slow water use. Great storage and extremely durable. Seat is very comfortable which is nice for 8+ hour trips. IS a great length to throw in a truck and go. Make sure to check factory flap straps, found one untied when I initially bought the kayak. The Durability is easily seen in thickness of hull and overall toughness of this kayak. Awesome bang for your buck.


great overall kayak for the $$

Submitted by: paddler355382 on 4/28/2017

I'll follow up on previous reviews. Some say speed is slow on the dihydral hull boat. I disagree, I ran this yak going all out and reached a gps top speed sustained of 6 mph. Not bad for an old geezer. I then tried the same gps clocking on an 8' smaller yak and sustained a 6mph speed on that. Bottom line this big ole sit in yak will go just as fast as a smaller one using the proper sized paddle.
I agree the seating is pretty uncomfortable, but with additional padding is ok. Also To give your back a break you can stand up a sit your butt on the back hull in calmer waters. Good position to sit while fishing too.
I've had no leaks in 2 years. However the first time I used this Kayak a foot rest broke. Dunhams sports took care of the problem by replacing the whole kayak with a new one. No problem since then.
Bottom line.....great kayak for the price!


Spent one river trip in this…

Submitted by: Trailbruizer on 7/2/2015
Spent one river trip in this kayak and found it enjoyable. The back support left be a little sore and the foot rest seemed a little flimsy, but held up fine. The dry storage in the rear leaked like others have stated. Over all it allowed me to get out on the water and have fun. A little work here and there on it would fix any complaints I had about it.

I love my 144 kayak…

Submitted by: paddler235620 on 6/30/2014
I love my 144 kayak Sportsmens addition sent from the day I got it right side foot rest was not in there and when I come back to the star he said he take care of it that was Dick's Sporting Goods in Toledo on nobody ever took care anything and I broke my back in the meantime so now it's especially him

I purchased this kayak 2…

Submitted by: paddler235458 on 3/11/2014
I purchased this kayak 2 years ago for small river paddling here in Michigan. I had two issues right out of the gate, I broke a foot pedal on the first trip out. The dealer I got it from was great about the problem. They offered to replace the pedal for free but said that I would probably have the same problem. Instead, they gave me a set of Pelican replacement foot rests and rails which I installed and had no more issues. Then the bulkhead leaked like everyone's apparently has. I managed to use some polyurethane caulk to seal it with success.

I have now taken this yak on more than a dozen trips including two overnight river trips down the AuSable River. It was able to carry me (210 lbs) and all the gear for me and my oldest son without any issue. It tracks straight and is stable enough that I can sit on top of just behind the seat back and still float down the river. The only other thing I would say is that the seat back does not offer enough support. I remedy this by putting my floatation seat between the seat back and the hull.

Overall, it has been a true value! Looking forward to ice out and a trip to Turnip Rock!


The Future Beach 144 Trophy…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/26/2013
The Future Beach 144 Trophy and Angler is the most stable sit on top kayak. The storage well has a large well to store rods and gear. The back deck allows you to store even more gear. Built in bungees along both side allow to strap your gear to Kayak. It's a great introductory sot for anyone getting started.

I purchased this great kayak…

Submitted by: paddler234455 on 3/13/2012
I purchased this great kayak last year in the early summer. I used it on 5 or 6 trips on the Grand River in Michigan. Today our weather was great so I knocked of the winter dust and put her in at Holly Recreation area.

This kayak is a very stable boat. I find 1-2 foot waves are no problem for the craft. The price I paid on sale last year was 279.99 and a real bargain for what you get. I have yet to fish with the yak but that will take place this June when I will take her to Isle Royale and carefully and cautiously explorer the edges and islands of this great national park. I feel confident with this stable and sea worthy kayak. I have no real negative issues other than the seat and it's back are not good at all. I modified it, added pad and a 10-11" back support - rest that I can adjust for my old / bad back.... that is why I drop to a nine out of ten...

A great kayak for me...and a super bargain..... Mine is tan... I think they made the 144 trophy in olive as well....


I have had this kayak now for…

Submitted by: paddler234376 on 12/8/2011
I have had this kayak now for 6 months, taking it out every sunday for a few hours. I am a beginner in the truest sense. From my vantage point it is a perfect starter for kayak fishing. Without any experience/training I managed to get out on the water, have never tipped over, even in 2 feet swells on Lake Lewisville (TX), have had no problems getting out of the way of speeding boats and comfortably fish using one or two rods. I am planning on adding a Scotty Fishrod holder and maybe a fishfinder when I can afford it.

When it gets closer to summer I plan on taking it out for a camping trip - I have simulated a camping load already and it easily fits a Coleman 4-man sundome tent with tons of storage room to spare for other gear. I'll need space for food, as catching it might be a challenge for me.

If you are looking at getting out on the water instead of fishing by land, and/or getting some exercise this is a very good kayak to start with. I have never used a $500+ model bit for $350 at west marine I feel I got an excellent deal for something that gets me out of the house and a few hours a week away from children and the office.

I'm sure the more expensive models track 10% or 15% better and have more gadgets but if you are a once a week social kayaker - this is the best!!!

I'm 6 ft, weigh 180 lbs can carry it around without breaking my back (though it is 58lbs) and cannot see myself breaking any part of this kayak unless I take an axe to it.


I enjoy this kayak very much,…

Submitted by: paddler234252 on 8/26/2011
I enjoy this kayak very much, I use it every week and I get great enjoyment out of it. I have a few problems with it though, one of my foot pegs has snapped off, the rear hatch isn't sealed and I can't find a spray guard that will stay on it. The rim for the spray guard to attach on isn't deep enough and before you spend money on one make sure you can get it to stay on.

The good: Tracks well, has rod holders, scupper holes, dihedral hull, dry well…

Submitted by: paddler232291 on 3/1/2011
The good:
Tracks well, has rod holders, scupper holes, dihedral hull, dry well does stay dry......however, buy some thread tape for a dollar for the screw hatches.

The bad:
Weak handles, over 60 lbs.,

I got this boat at Dicks for 300 dollars. There is no better SOT fishing yack for 300 dollars. I have taken this boat over 100 miles and there are no flaws in it. The front well is big, and can hold a lot. I think it holds over 400 pounds... that's a lot.
I am very happy that I bought it.


Stability...Like other…

Submitted by: paddler233727 on 8/2/2010
Stability...Like other reviewers I found this kayak to be amazingly stable. The hull moves bouncy to the sides. I can come out of the seat and sit behind the opening on the back and paddle nice on long trips to change positions. Easy to get back into if you fall out. I can't imagine rolling in this kayak.

Tacking....Tracking and turning in a kayak without a rudder are, in my experience, mutually exclusive. This one tracks great. I didn't notice it being easily turned by the wind.

Turning...I have an Old Town Otter that turns on a dime, this kayak takes at least twice the effort to turn. Not meant for whitewater.

Speed.... Again, like other reviewers I noticed that this kayak was slow compared to others like the Old Town Otter.

Comfort....Given how much I like this kayak and the fact that I got a great deal, this is one I was able to over look, but if you’re paying full price ($600+) it's a problem. The back rest is very short and the seat isn't all that ergonomic.

Quality...The foam insert in my kayak was also blown out. This is a concern in deep water as without the rear watertight compartment it could sink. The backrest frayed apart the second time I used it. The plastic on this boat is thick and (relatively) soft and gouges easy, though the bottom design keeps much of the scratches concentrated on two ridges that run the length of the boat.

Overall it's a great fishing platform if you can get it under $400. Lots of storage and tie downs and two rod holders. Over $400 I would expect that the Patriot Perception or Old Town Dirgo could be found on clearance and may give this boat a run for it’s money. I LOVE the stability and I'm able to overlook the speed and turning issues, even at full price. Stability is truly the hallmark of this kayak and I don’t think the other kayaks mentioned are as stable. The problems I will fix by jury rigging the seat and fixing the water tight rear. A great deal for me at $315 (Dicks on clearance). I like it for the price, but honestly I would have been disappointed at full price.


I bought the 12 foot long…

Submitted by: paddler233367 on 9/11/2009
I bought the 12 foot long Trophy 144 after researching and shopping around for a fishing kayak. The Trophy had a lot of features such as rod holders, tons of storage space, and a rear compartment that is sealed with a watertight foam barrier.It was by far the best deal I could find. Had all of the features I was finding on kayaks from Old Town, Perception and Wilderness Systems that cost $200 more.

The performance of this kayak is great. Their brochure talks about a dihedral hull that helps with stability and performance and from what I can see they are exactly right. I'm a big guy, 6'0" and 220 pounds and the Trophy 144 is comfortable and stable and paddles great. It's not the lightest or fastest kayak I have ever owned, but I'm fishing not racing and this kayak fits my needs exactly.

I saw a Trophy 126 at Dick's and might pick up this kayak for my 12 year old son. He fishes with me out of a boat, but never out of a kayak. I'd feel good about him fishing out of a Trophy because of the stability and solid construction.


This kayak is great, it is…

Submitted by: rmvsail on 8/14/2009
This kayak is great, it is very stable. Exactly what you what in a fishing boat. The down side is it's slower than most boats. I got this kayak for my birthday and I love it so much. It is a great learning boat. In the other review the bulkhead was not sealed and that was true on my boat too, but nothing a little caulk can't fix. Once fixed the the boat has proved to be very durable.

Well, initially I was…

Submitted by: daroki on 7/29/2009
Well, initially I was impressed with the array of features on this kayak. Nice handles, drains, two hatches, fishing pole holders. However the first thing I noticed was that the area of the rear hatch (which was supposed to be sealed) wasn't sealed; the foam had loosened and was no longer watertight. I was willing to overlook this because I thought I had gotten a pretty good deal on it.

I noticed the boat was VERY stable. I could aid my steering by leaning which was nice. However I was frequently struggling to keep up with the pack, because this thing is SLOW. A friend had the shorter 126 which seemed much faster. I noticed that the drain seal had cracked (cheap plastic) and was mildly upset about that but not enough to return it. For $350 I had something that I enjoyed kayaking in, so I felt that was reasonable and the cracked drain really didn't inhibit its function.

While paddling hard downstream one of the foot pegs snapped off. That was it. The final straw, paddling 5 miles home with only one foot peg, I knew I was taking it back. When I returned it the store manager said that every one he had sold came back because the rear hatch seal was broke. He said that the company was in Canada and that they were aware of the issue and weren't willing to do anything about it. The store manager was completely pleasant and willing to take it back.

So now I'm shopping again and leaning toward a Wilderness Systems Tsunami 140...more money, but reliability is worth something, especially when on the water or in the wild.