12' 6"
Width (in)
Weight (lb)

Gemini Description

Fast and fun for two, the Feelfree Gemini is a excellent performing tandem kayak whether you are out for a day exploring, snorkeling, fishing or just having fun with the family. With an extra long hull design, this kayak can easily hold two paddlers plus has space for a child or pet in the center. After a long day on the water, the Gemini is easy to tote around using our proven Wheel in the Keel. This kayak is a great investment towards getting the family out on the water.

Gemini Specs and Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Cockpit Type: Sit Inside
  • Seating Configuration: Tandem
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Feelfree Kayak, USA
Gemini Reviews

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Loving the Gemini tandem to…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 12/27/2023

Loving the Gemini tandem to get out with the wife and dog. We’ve paddled and owned many other brands, they are all similar, but the Feelfree has some nice upgrades. The “wheel in the keel” is awesome, anyone can easily wheel this 12.6”, 70 lb yak over grass or pavement. Ten scuppers and 10 flushmount seat attachment points. The latter being a little tricky clipping in and out of. The seats are more than adequate and have real brass clips and tie down bungees in the back.Without any scupper plugs, the three of us stayed bone dry because of the huge weight capacity. The two press on hatch covers take some effort to attach properly, they are tethered and an internal net keeps the contents in place. I’ve paddled it from the rear and front seat, and it moves quite well for a 32.5 wide tandem. Most tandems require long paddles, but our 230 cm worked fine.



Ok. So this is kind of an update to review below. I went…

Submitted by: meganccarroll on 5/16/2016
Ok. So this is kind of an update to review below.
I went out on my Gemini solo with the seat in the middle and really enjoyed the ride! It is worth noting that this is the highest and driest seat so even on a cool spring day you won't get too wet in this spot with calm water.

Something else I didn't address in earlier review is tracking. For the record, I as an amateur have no frustration keeping this kayak on track for a target so although I thought I might buy the feelfree skeg now I am sure I won't.

Another thing absolutely worth mentioning is the side handles on the Feelfree Kayaks are true handles and very much appreciated. Compared to the wimpy grips I have seen on other kayaks that are really just frustrating, the feelfree has handles you can totally wrap your hand around. This means a lot to me as I handle, load and unload this kayak all by myself. I don't need frustrating loss of grip on wet plastic trying to turn my kayak over or guide it onto or off the car. I kn ow that as long as I position myself to be able to reach the handle, I will be able to control the kayak.

I was worried when I first bought this kayak that it would be too difficult for me to car top and unload alone! Glad I didn't let that stop me! It takes a little practice and determination to learn but now it is a mostly smooth process for me. I put it up on a kia soul with a roof rack, upside down so there are four points of contact instead of just two, no problem. I use four cheapie foam blocks, the type that wrap around the roofrack bars and straps every trip. Bow and stern lines if I am going on the highway or far. Again, the feelfree handles truly help for fLipping the kayak before putting it up aND for controlling it as I guide it up or down.

So I have upgraded the rating from 8 to 9 out of ten because of these features. Bottom line, I am happy with my purchase but a tiny bit bummed it handles so tippy with 430# or more of weight while capacity is 550. Luckily, I wasn't counting on this being for two large adults most of the time! Mainly just me and my daughter or me alone while kiddo paddles a youth kayak.


This was my first kayak…

Submitted by: meganccarroll on 5/9/2016
This was my first kayak purchase ever. I chose it for its features and weight capacity I felt sure would meet our needs. I have taken it out on a calm lake with my daughter and we did great, other than having paddles a bit too short for comfort given the width of the boat. I have to recommend 250-260 length paddles so you don't scrape your knuckles and just splash and slap at the water. I did not have scupper plugs in and although my daughter weighs significantly less than me more water came into the front of the boat than the back, which was unpleasant for her. After that trip I purchased the square throwable pfds that we have added on top of the factory seats to keep rear ends out of water. I might as well add here that the factory seats are surprisingly comfortable with great back support and easy to adjust. Before picking up the kayak I thought I would probably buy an upgraded seat but I am actually perfectly happy with those provided.

All that said, I think it is a great little boat for me and my daughter especially once I get longer paddles and scupper plugs. The downside of the boat came today when my father and I decided to take a tour of a nearby large pond with lots of marshy areas, beaver lodges and fun places to explore. We both got seated in the boat, my father in front, and though we are both full size adults, we were still over 100 pounds under the weight capacity. There was no trouble with the boat floating but it was super sensitive and tippy feeling to the point my father was not comfortable leaving shore, and he is an experienced boater, mainly in canoes, which also require balance. I admit, it really did feel like it would be easy to capsize when the two of us were in it and it surprised me. Needless to say, he got out of the kayak to fish from shore and I paddled around a bit solo. That extreme tippiness was gone with only me in the back of the kayak. Soooo, if you are looking for a boat for two large adults, around 200 lbeach, my only warning is it turns this boat into a supersensitive balancing act. Would it be different with scupper plugs in place? Very possibly and I will try with this variation. I do love it for kayaking me and my daughter or me myself. I look forward to trying it solo with the seat in the middle position and see how that goes.


We recently purchased this as…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/3/2013
We recently purchased this as out first tandem kayak. Coming from a canoeing background we were a little unsure about the transition, but we absolutely love this kayak. It is very easy to load and unload, extremely easy to maneuver in the water and very stable! The stability of this kayak has been tested a few times already in situations that would have resulted in a swim in the canoe.

I would recommend this kayak to anyone that was thinking about starting kayaking.


I love this kayak. My husband…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/27/2013
I love this kayak. My husband and I recently purchased this kayak and love how easy it is to load into the truck. The wheel makes moving the kayak so easy that he can do it all by himself. This kayak is very easy to handle even for novice kayakers like us.

This is an unbelievable…

Submitted by: paddler235069 on 7/1/2013
This is an unbelievable quality kayak. Comparing to my other boats (Ascend, Perception) this one beats them all in every sense. I am very surprised that very few dealers carry this brand.

I've purchased the Gemini…

Submitted by: paddler234424 on 1/30/2012
I've purchased the Gemini sport2011 with wheel built in to keel excellent feature. I've fitted two flush mounted rod holders in rear and scotty mount towards the bow paddled in winter months so far off the devon coast England its been great. sat in middle with deluxe seat comfy easy to paddle all rod holders easy to reach hatches and inside hull is bone dry. excellent value for not a lot of money

I've had a Gemini since 2008,…

Submitted by: paddler234264 on 8/30/2011
I've had a Gemini since 2008, and I really like it. At the beginning I used it for recreational purposes, but then I found out kayak fishing and now I only fish. The space it has behind is not much, but enough. It takes water inside if there are big waves, but in general it is very good for fishing and I would suggest it, especially the new model which seems better.

Last week I traveled to…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/5/2011
Last week I traveled to Paradise Island on Samal Island in the Philippines. They had Feelfree Gemini kayaks for rent so I decided to try one out. They had two different Geminis to try, one Gemini only had a small hatch in the front and the other had a hatch in the seat area front and rear plus an open storage in the back. Other than that I noticed no difference in the size or shape of the hulls. The one I tried is the latter with the two hatches and open rear storage.

With my fiancee on the front and no paddle I gave the kayak a spin. The kayak paddled decently quick with two people and only one paddle. The kayak was dry and VERY stable with her turning around and moving in the front but the kayak is too wide for my liking and the paddle blades will strike the sides if you're a high angle paddler. Turning was great on this kayak and seemed better than my Necky Dolphin and Perception Prism but still kept a straight course while moving from point A to B. The tupperware type hatch covers didn't stay on very well but they sat high enough that it really didn't matter. The seat was comfortable but it didn't have a seat back. I paddle without one on my other SOT kayaks anyways.

Just for reference I'm 6' tall and 235lbs and my fiancee is 5'3' 106lbs. We both fit the kayak OK and had no problems fitting the footwells properly.

The good: it is a rental kayak and seemed to hold up well, even the lifeguard got up and walked around on it and it appeared pretty stable watching him.
The bad: A little too wide at the top and the hatches didn't fit well and are too small
The ugly: The designers could have added a little more style and functionality rather than making it look like a molten blob of plastic, A pretty ugly kayak but that's just my opinion...


I got a Gemini Tandem about…

Submitted by: paddler231618 on 5/26/2009
I got a Gemini Tandem about 4-5 years ago. Originally it was just going to be a hobby for my wife and I to paddle around the bays and oceans of San Diego, CA. Feelfree had just started selling these yaks in the US at the time and they were very well priced. Then I got into fishing and I was taking the thing out on a weekly basis. It was easily modifiable, that was a plus. I fished that thing so hard, I know that yak inside and out.

For starters it leaked like a sieve. Not only are the storage hatches in hard-to-get places, they let in lots & lots of water. The rear hatch actually sits under water most of the time. I wound up gluing them shut as so much water was coming in that it effected the handling of the craft after only a couple hours. It didn't matter, their position rendered them worthless anyway. The molded eyelets under the gunnel (where the rope runs), to my surprise had holes in them! Small holes, but they let in water none the less. This is clearly a manufacturing issue related to bubbles in the molding process. The gunnel ropes were a nice feature too. I took the ropes out and plugged the eylets with washers and screws and then caulked over them. This helped keep the boat at least dry enough to fish in the ocean for a few hours without adding several gallons of weight.

As far as tracking goes - it's reasonable, about as good as any other yak (I've fished Tarpons and Cobras to compare with). It's a decent/stable single as it is light weight (but excellent payload for it's class). In calm water it is a pretty stable tandem. In anything over 2-3 feet surf it becomes very unstable in comparison to other tandems. The rudder you can attach to the back is a must if you are going to tandem in rougher water.

All in all this yak gets the job done. It floats after all. It's a good yak if you're not too serious about your business. I must say it has taken me miles out into the Pacific and back every time. But if you asked me would I buy another one? Not on your life. There are too many other models out there today, in the same price range, that are made better and are more stable platforms for two people. Best thing I did was buy the Tarpon 130.


I have had a Feelfree Gemini…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/23/2008
I have had a Feelfree Gemini for about a month and used it about 8 times on the sea in smooth to 1 foot wave conditions with family (wife and baby) or alone fishing. I am very pleased with my purchase despite the fact that it cost about 1100 USD imported to Japan.

It is attractive, stable, fairly quick considering its girth and weight, pretty comfortable, and unsinkable. It is not too heavy at 26kg. I put it on the roof of my car on my own.

Could be better:
The seats aren't great. They are low and just a piece of nylon held between lanyards anchored at four points. I would like something a bit higher and stiffer. A company in the UK is selling "Universal Deluxe Backrest with Seat Pad" (GBP 45 ~ USD 100) and "Apex Deluxe Seat" (GBP 70 ~USD 150) and I may purchase one or the other.

The boat is not that long. I am 176cm (about 5'9") and I use the furthest foot stop. I like to row with fairly straight legs and my knees are only slightly bent when using the furthest foot stop from the rear seat. Which brings me to...
The thigh straps are interesting, but I have not worked out how to use them. In order to put the straps around my thighs to get a good grip I need to sit with my knees raised, whereas I would rather keep my legs straight. With legs straight it is difficult to get much purchase/feeling of security using the straps without tightening the straps to the point where they give me cramp (I guess that is to be expected when doing exercise with straps on your inner thigh). I bought the thigh straps as a option from the company, so the metal (dog lead-like) clips of my thigh straps are welded shut so I can not remove them. I would recommend purchasing the thigh straps separately so you can remove them if you don't use them. Fish hooks can get stuck in them. But I think that I will come to like them one day, especially in surf.

The self bailing system (basically holes in the bottom of the boat) seems keep my wife's butt wet. She is lighter than me (42Kg to my 72kg) but for some reason the water seems to come in more at the front perhaps when we hit waves. The after-part seats, or sitting on a life jacket both mentioned above, would cure this problem.

The front handle is great - I drag mine across sand. But it could use a side handle. I would like a hole or something for a fishing rod too but I can just about use the drink holder between my thighs.

All in all I am very pleased.


I was looking at tandem kayak…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/20/2008
I was looking at tandem kayak that can be used by one person. After some research I finally had two options:
- Ocean Kayak Malibu 2XL
- FeelFree Gemini

I found Malibu 2XL for $800 in local store that has pond and tried it for a couple of minutes. I was expecting much better from it (tried with my wife along). So I decided to go with FeelFree Gemini just because I found a really great deal - $500.

Fist try on the water was in a windy day with small waves for about hour or two near Honeymoon Island, FL. It was something new, good and fun. After that trip we decided we needed better seats (still looking). The stock seats have low back support and I was sitting in the water all the time (finally put my life jacket under the seat that helped me to dry).

Second time, I decided to research little creek. I tried the kayak by myself. Kayak was great in calm water. It was very easy to navigate between trees and on sharp curves. Still was not hard to keep it straight. On my way back I decided to move seat closer to the middle. It helped with forward motion, but was not that easy to maneuver. In that situation I decided to move the seat back to its original position.

During the trip I had to come out to open lake with waives from wind and motor boats (Tarpon Lake, FL). Calm water was much better, but it was still okay, no issues with stability at all.

Kayak has two hatches to store small things. It can be difficult to get something from hatch while on the water, but I don’t think you really should. I’d better have my things dry. There is a small cargo area - I did not like its shape. I have a small plastic cooler and had trouble putting it into that space. The cargo area has shape for something other then plastic box.

It is a little heavy for me to put it on top of my RDX, but it's not an issue if you have a companion. Also, kayak does not have good handles that can be used by one person. That makes it even harder to load and handle. Again, this is not an issue for two people.

Overall good buy. I’m happy so far. Things I would change or improve:
-seats with higher back and thicker cushion
-side handles to carry by one person
-change shape of cargo area


We have a Feelfree Gemini.…

Submitted by: paddler232038 on 5/22/2007
We have a Feelfree Gemini. After using it a few times, we discovered that it always had water on the inside. We discovered that the drain plug was not sealed well enough to keep the water out. We removed the screw and little nut and bolt (which holds a little plastic strip w/ the yak's serial # on it), siliconed it inside and out. Now, no leaks and we can put things inside w/out a waterproof bag at times.

I was interested in a lighter…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/12/2007
I was interested in a lighter tandem kayak that was an sot which I could easily load/unload by myself and which handled well solo on the water. My initial lake trip was disappointing as the molded in handles are of no use when loading the boat by yourself. You are left to balance the boat overhead or use the safety lines which then become stretched out. On the water, I had to lean forward to make the bow sit in the water (I am 6' 230#) which caused it to track poorly. I hope that gear or a fellow paddler solves this problem. I wear a 32" long pant and if any longer I would have had difficulty stretching my legs out completely while paddling. On the plus side, it is an attractive boat and was stable in the slight chop I encountered. I will review again - looking forward to fishing on the ocean which is another reason I chose it.

Wow! What a great find. I…

Submitted by: paddler231891 on 12/6/2006
Wow! What a great find. I bought this tandem SOT sight-unseen, and I'm thrilled I made the decision I did. Even solo without the skeg, it paddles, tracks and turns as well as my smaller Ocean Kayak Scrambler. And it's MUCH less "tippy" as proven by my 35 lb dog who, despite attempts to make him a good boat dog, shifts his weight too much for my Scrambler. On the Gemini he's comfortable; he can sit, turnaround, lay down, etc., without ever making me nervous that we'll return to the dock WET. I love this kayak! I've used it in the Puerto Salina harbor and into the swells of the cold Pacific. I'm a novice kayaker, but I think even the experienced among you will share my fondness for the Gemini. The only things lacking on this well-planned kayak are molded-in rod holders and vertical cup holders. I wouldn't hesitate recommending this kayak to my friends.

I have a Gemini 2 seater that…

Submitted by: paddler231618 on 6/13/2006
I have a Gemini 2 seater that I fish LaJolla and San Diego Bay with all the time. It's a stable, versatile platform that is good for cruising around as well as serious Yellowtail hunting. The one knock I have against this yak is the amount of water it lets in. Nothing stays dry inside. I can't figure our where it's coming from, the hatches seem very tight. I'm not sure but I think the rope mounts that are inlaid along the rail may be the source of the problem. I guess I have two knocks, the hatches are very hard to get to while paddling... at least the back one is.

Great Kayak, I use mine for a…

Submitted by: paddler231267 on 8/22/2005
Great Kayak, I use mine for a Fly Fishing taxi down the Merced River. I have used it at Lake Tahoe and the Ocean. It is very stable and handles very well in the light white water we take it in (class II and -III).

I owned a Folbot years ago…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 12/13/2004
I owned a Folbot years ago and have to say the Gemini is just as much fun. The quality of construction is very high, and the layout and options (paddle straps, skeg, paddles, thigh straps) are great. Ours has the optional skeg and the boat tracks just fine even when I take it out solo.

My only (minor) complaint is that the quick release buckles on the seat straps are two different sizes. I can't toss the side strap over a rafter in the boat house and connect it to the back strap to hang the seat to dry.

We haven't had it to the beach yet but are looking forward to warmer weather and water. The US distributor was great to work with and showed real concern and interest in making certain we were happy with the purchase. When we decide to add another boat, FeelFree will be at the top of our list.


The Gemini is a 2 person…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/12/2004
The Gemini is a 2 person sit-on-top kayak. It is easy to jump right on and use. It has many practical features. It is stable, 31 inches wide at the back seat and tapers to a magnificent shape. It handles as well as it looks, on the open ocean or in good size surf. It is made of durable plastic (polyethylene) and seems quite capable to handle the abuse of even a/The Samsonite Gorilla. The quality is most excellent, nice hatches, plugs, seat rests, plastic, finish and seams.

Molded-in hand grabs on fore, aft and sides, as well as built in side ropes make grappling this large kayak possible and feasible. The fore-handle especially is most useful, for either the positive handling or even lockability, when you us a cart on this kayak, the handle makes it like suitcase with rollers, very easy and agile, and in complete control. Even down rough roads beaches, cliffs or anything. I portage my kayak from the back of my truck, lash the kayak onto the cart, and walk it down the street for about 1/2 mile, then down a 200 foot elevation drop down a bumpy dirt road and onto the pebble beach. I launch. When I land, I lug the kayak up the cliff road; I really enjoy the details that make this kayak most practical and easy to access the most inaccessible. The molded-in fore handle really helps.

This kayaks shape lets it turn pretty quick for a long kayak and its pretty good in surf, I ride solo in the back seat, and the kayak seems to pivot from there quite easily, since the widest part of the kayak is right at the back seat. It seems to track nicely, and goes the direction I want it to. I have no problem out in the windy open ocean around Cabrillo Beach or the rocky points around Palos Verdes Penisula.

It also has a 617 pound capacity, most excellent for fishing or diving platform, or even big campout picnics. I will gear up my kayak for some kelp bass fishing, and clear water cove diving. It is very roomy and has lots of capacity.

It is a nice kayak and I am stoked. I am ordering more kayaks from Feelfree. Definitely worth a go. It is too easy, too much fun. This kayak is excellent for any fun adventure. Very safe and very seaworthy, everybody likes them.