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Raven (1993-2001 model)

This Product Has Been Discontinued

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Raven (1993-2001 model) Reviews


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Raven (1993-2001 model) Reviews

Read reviews for the Raven (1993-2001 model) by Eddyline Kayaks as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

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I have been a recreational…

Submitted by: paddler236147 on 2/25/2015
I have been a recreational paddler for 15 years; paddling whitewater and flatwater. I have experienced paddling many different boats of varied designs and material build. I have lusted for an Eddyline Raven since I first saw one in the mid 90's and now I have one.

This is an exceptional boat that I take out to my local lake and to relax only to find myself pacing (or passing) the surfski folk while out as I hover around 6mph for a short time! The boat brace turns wonderfully in moving waters when pulling out of eddies, rolls as easy as my whitewater play boat, and can easily haul a weekend of camping gear for two.

I find the boat to be quite stable with amazing secondary stability; I have NEVER accidentally tipped in this boat. When chop gets over 8 inches some water splashes on the deck but the ride remains very dry. I looked long and hard, saved my pennies, and found a boat that does just about every thing I could ever want. Fit and finish is beautiful and I get compliments each time I take it out.

I have called Eddyline directly and they have ALWAYS been great, even with the silliest questions they have treated me with kindness and respect. If you get a chance to own one of these boats consider yourself one of the lucky ones.


I bought an older model…

Submitted by: paddler235898 on 9/1/2014
I bought an older model Eddyline Raven on Craigslist. Has a couple of small patches from the previous owner and is faded from use. I love it!! I have done rivers, lakes, and a trip in the San Juan Islands and couldn't ask for a better kayak. I plan to refurbish it this fall and make it like new.

Love our Eddylines!...own two…

Submitted by: paddler234670 on 7/20/2012
Love our Eddylines!...own two ravens, bought them used in 2006. We have several different kayaks sot's abs type on the water so it's our main hobby here. the ravens are great river, bay and camping boats. very stable and agile for the two of us....wife and I are 5'7" and trim. Not my choice for surf ....but one helluva boat for everything else...;)

Ever wonder how your boat…

Submitted by: paddler229555 on 1/2/2002
Ever wonder how your boat will hold up after years of hard use? I recently purchased a very used 1996 fiberglass Raven by Eddyline as my first sea kayak. During my research, the criteria I sought were strength-lightness of construction, quality design, service after the sale, fun paddling/handling, and value. While new to kayaking, I've canoed, owned, built, and repaired boats for over 25 years. Let me begin by saying the boat design and quality are awesome! The Raven holds a lot of gear, the interior finish is smooth and clean, and my new Swift paddle even matches the boat! Size wise, I'm 5'10", healthy, 170lbs... the fit is great in this boat...snug and comfortable. Cockpit access is easy, and the cockpit edges are smooth. The fiberglass Raven is both stable and fun! Eddyline has really impressed me with the detail and workmanship in their boats. Before buying, I demo-ed as many boats as possible over a period of 3 months from ALL the major builders and some less known designs as well. I paddled roto-molded, glass, and kevlar boats. I was not seeking a used boat, just a good boat under $3,000.

The Raven handles great, and while I consider myself a novice, the boat responds to edging well, and loves to lean and turn. Even though not used often, the rudder system is strong, simple, and predictable. If I were to make an upgrade to my boat, I'd add a new "Smart Rudder" system to enhance rigidity to the foot pedals when rolling/bracing. The seat design/placement is comfortable, and my legs have never gone to sleep as in some other designs. I love the flush hatches when crawling back into my boat after a capsize, and while the foam bulkheads can leak, I have been satisfied with the integrity of mine. The Eddyline boats have super glass work, and even after 5 years of almost constant service the gelcoat looks great, surface scratches polish out nicely. The factory/dealer is VERY responsive, and that factor alone is enough to make a person buy an Eddyline boat. While shopping other lines, I was dismayed by the lack of response by several manufacturers, even with good design, one major builder from Canada that I met personally took 3 weeks to respond to my inquiry...enough said?

I highly recommend Eddyline. Even with many, many hard miles under the keel, my Raven is awesome! I'd buy another in a heartbeat.


The Raven is truly a fine…

Submitted by: paddler229445 on 9/5/2001
The Raven is truly a fine boat and is well crafted. It spins virtually on a dime when leaned and handles very well fully loaded. It surfs well for a big boat if leaned properly and broach-surfs confidently. It tracks well without a rudder, as the corrections are far easier to make on a Raven than on many others in it's category. Excellent stability has allowed my fishing performance to shine with this boat. The hatches have been redesigned since mine ('92) was made, so they should be quite waterproof. The Eddyline people are also excellent to deal with and offer modifications for the discerning buyer. Mine's in fiberglass and easy to solo carry with my 5'7" 150lb frame. I use Washburne's excellent Stern Wheels to tote the boat around.

No such thing as a perfect 10…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/30/2000
No such thing as a perfect 10 and the Raven isn't an exception. I've had mine about a year. Maneuvers like a sports car but kind of "flakey" in tracking without the rudder. It's fine in flat water but with a little bit of chop, I'm having to constantly correct. Another problem is head on waves. The flat bow "slaps" the waves, costing me forward movement (and a really wet deck). I'm having to paddle harder to keep up in these conditions. Don't get me wrong, it's a nice boat but like I said, there ain't no 10.

I've got an older Raven that…

Submitted by: paddler228561 on 4/23/2000
I've got an older Raven that I bought about 6 years ago and I love it. After using my other boats then getting into the Raven it feels like a rodeo playboat. I'm very confident in taking it in out in very rough conditions. Unfortunately when I inquired about about buying a new one the Eddyline rep at the paddlefest I was at really pissed me off. Now you couldn't GIVE me an Eddyline boat. I bought from Northwest instead, their people are professionals.

My first glass boat. The…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/25/2000
My first glass boat. The looks and large hatches caused me to ignore the left side of my brain, Very poor tracking, very slow boat. The foot pegs/rudder control are quite spongy. On the plus side, it handle large seas well, packs easily, is very dry and light for its size.

It's the best among 4 others…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/3/1999
It's the best among 4 others kayak that I have tried. Fair initial and excellent secondary stability. Quality construction through out. Very easy to turn consider it's 16.75" length, which make it fun in surf zone. The only thing I don't like is the price tag.

This is the best boat made. …

Submitted by: paddler227958 on 11/5/1998
This is the best boat made. Great secondary stability, turns easily without a rudder, and easy to roll. I like the older fiberglass seat better than the newer padded plastic one. I think it's also the best looking kayak around. I have two and wouldn't trade for anything.