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I have been searching for…

Submitted by: trvlrerik on 8/24/2018

I have been searching for the perfect crossover kayak for the last decade, I have owned many and none were really good at "crossing over". I owned a Liquid Logic stinger, and a Pyrahna Fusion , and paddled most of the mainstream crossovers. I liked the Stinger but it had to much volume to be responsive, and weighed a ton. I had been using a Pyrahna Speeder as a crossover and love the stinger, but it is not responsive enough to handle much WW. I was wishing for a cross between the Stinger and the Speeder, I found the District 11 and decided to give it a try. As I am a little rough on kayaks I ordered the heavier plastic option. The fit and finish of the hull is very good, and the design of the ridges and skeleton frame make the hull very ridgid. The outfitting is not like most "main stream" kayaks, it is designed to be modified by the user to become what you want and fit like. Once set up, the outfitting is comfortable and practical, and easy to work on while out on the river. The district 11 comes standard with a drop down skeg that I wish was a delete option, if you have good paddling skills it does not need the skeg, and it takes up a lot of room in the stern. the stern hatch is only needed to access the skeg tube and help in putting in float bags, and does not offer much storage. The split footboard is comfortable, easily adjusted and makes putting in float bags or storing gear in the nose easy. The foam seat is easily adjustable and comfortable. The design is fast as the stinger, and does not plow like a bathtub, it is nimble and can turn on a dime when on its tail. The nose is similar to the Stinger and effectively cuts through waves and eddy lines. The low back lets you lay way back to aid in turns and rolls. It is a very stable boat and secondary stability seems to be good also. The boat can catch the edge of the tail and scare you if you are not prepared to brace. I have taken the boat out rock gardening and on some light C3 WW and I am very pleased with performance. There is a learning curve to getting the boat to perform. It is sensitive to front/back weight transfer in active water. Is the District 11 the perfect self support crossover, nope, but it is a good crossover, better than anything I have ever paddled. it does WW and rough water rock gardening well, and is decent on flatwater getting to the fun areas. I think it will remain in my "fleet" as a boat I will take when I am not sure what I am getting into that day when going out to play. I am giving the District 11 4 stars because I wish it did not have a skeg, that would make it a better self support kayak. Overall a well made, fun and light crossover.

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