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  • 39 Weight (lbs)
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This Product Has Been Discontinued

Typhoon Description

The Typhoon is a kayak brought to you by Dimension. Read Typhoon reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other kayak recommendations below or explore all kayaks to find the perfect one for you!

Typhoon Reviews

Read reviews for the Typhoon by Dimension as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

Old Towne has owned...

Old Towne has owned dimension for 15 years they have decided to end the dimension line and have destroyed the Typhoon mold. You will never see another new one of these awesome kayaks again. If you have one it has just increased in value.

The Dimension Typhoon is...

The Dimension Typhoon is still available! Old Town bought the design and calls it the "H2Yo". I own one of each and they are identical. They track wonderfully, carry good speed and are very stable.
The only flaw- There is no drainage for the seating compartment. You will get wet paddling this kayak. Not such a big deal in warm water.
Would recommend!

I reviewed this kayak back...

I reviewed this kayak back in 1995 on this site and I still love it. After all these years it is still in great shape. You probably can only find it used now because they don't make them anymore. Well worth it.

I got this kayak last year...

I got this kayak last year and used it lots. Tracks nicely, stable worth the money. Lacks option, there are no option for this kayak or most of the other dimension kayak, for this reason I have since purchase a hobie and two ocean kayaks and getting a third that will not be a dimension later. This kayak is awesome in the waves, I have jumped waves over 3 metres with no issues, love it! I would give this a 10 if it was not for the accessories you cannot get for it.

My friend and I both got...

My friend and I both got this kayak for christmas (both age 13). We love it. Living on long island We have a pretty good variety of rivers and ocean and open water. Its great on all of them. Especially great in shallow water since its so light. Also when you can't get to a body of water, we've found that it's great in the pool!

The seat is extremely comfortable. Even a person with a a hip replacement can use it comfortably. The typhoon Dimension has great control. Even "weak" 13 yr olds can control it easily. Is easy to get in and out of, even when you cant touch bottom. Overall, a great choice for anyone. Great fun for everyone including kids. (rated 9 because we frequently get water in the "watertight" storage compartment)

As a preface to this, in...

As a preface to this, in addition to the Typhoon I own a Hobie Outback, an Impex Susquehanna, and a Tarpon 100 and had an Old Town Otter. I don’t claim to be an expert but I have a lot of experience in flat water and a little running rapids.

I first saw the Typhoon at James River Runners where I was taking a rafting trip. I was attracted to the V hull shape. One of the men working there told me the Typhoon was a good general-purpose kayak and worked well in class I and II rapids. Soon afterwards I purchased a Typhoon from the Appomattox River Co. Tom at Appomattox told me that they sell a lot of Typhoons to livery services because, when you take off the capsule there is nothing to lose or break and it could handle type I & II rapids.

On the Rappannock River I have been through class I, II and III rapids. I found the kayak to be very stable and did not feel as thought it was going to turn over. It is easier to get off a rock than a flat bottom kayak because of its hull shape. The major problem is when water splashes in there is no way to get the water out except to stop, get out and turn the kayak on it’s side to drain it. The molded in hand holes make it is easy to turn on its side to drain. I only went through one class III rapids and the kayak buried its bow in the water and then came up with all of the water on the bow coming into the cockpit filling the foot area not good. I found that the Typhoon is harder to maneuver around rocks than the Tarpon 100, which is shorter and has a flat bottom.

On flat water I find the Typhoon to be faster than my Tarpon 100, easier to paddle with no tracking problems. It is easy to get into and out of. It has good initial and secondary stability. It would be very hard to turn over in flat water. I am 5’ 11” and found that the footrests could be a little farther out. A tall person would definitely have a problem with the footrests. The tall seatback is comfortable.

To date I haven’t found a good use for the waterproof capsule. I like the stuff I take to be more accessible. I found a way to strap the seat pack that came with the Hobie behind the seat and then tied a soft side cooler behind it to carry drinks and food. I also have a plastic crate that could be attached to carry things in.

I like to have a place to attach the paddle to the kayak. There are no pad eyes on the Typhoon so I installed one in the front between the foot rests and use a paddle leash.

Things I did not like: No way to attach paddle to kayak. No place to carry a bottle of water. No scupper holes to drain interior foot or seat area of contract. Light weight, easy to carry.

Things I like: Back rest, shape of hull, stability, hand holes molded into side and each end. It is easy to stick your leg over the side to push off a rock. Faster compared to Tarpon 100.

Overall: I am very pleased with the Typhoon it is a good kayak for fun and play. Very stable would be good for kids and beginning adults. It can be used on flat water and in rapids.

The typhoon is an awesome...

The typhoon is an awesome rec kayak. I'm 240 lbs and I have no problem getting in or out. It has a high back rest for comfort. I even take the kids for rides. The only reason for giving it a 9 is the waterproof hatch is not waterproof.

My best friend and I are...

My best friend and I are out on the water at every given opportunity. For the past 3 seasons,we've been renting sit-on-top single and tandem kayaks and experimenting a-plenty on lakes, creeks and slow moving rivers. The best fun we've had so far has been on a few of the Dimension kayaks. Our favorite is definitely the TYPHOON. Super stable, comfy, good tracking, very forgiving, easy to get in and out of and generous bum & leg space (which is crucial for "big boned gals" like us). Enough space at the bow for a small-medium size dog too! We took a pair of Typhoons through a rocky river and had a blast. The abuse these kayaks took..oh-la-la! But they pulled through with only a few scratches. Very robust little 'yaks ! The storage compartment although great for day trips, needs some improvement. The rubber lid is by no means watertight and the brackets and D-rings for the straps seemed frail. Enjoy!

I was looking for a light,...

I was looking for a light, stable, sit-on-top for Abalone Diving and playing in the surf... I saw the Typhoon on line and ordered it without riding it first. It's great! It's so stable that I can enter it in deep water with my weight belt on and still not be tippy. With the storage compartment removed, I can strap everything down in the well, including the weight belt, the gear, and the Abalone, and enjoy the paddle back. The Typhoon is great in light 4' surf (haven't tried larger surf yet). Wet ride going out through breaking surf, fun rides surfing back in. With no scupper drains, the cockpit fills up but it's not a problem since I'm playing in the surf to begin with. I can turn back on the wave at the end and even broach but not dump. I just turn out again to catch another wave. I'll need to add gear eyelets. I'm even thinking of adding some scupper drains. The seat bottom is slightly below the water line, which adds to the stability. But hey, I'm out to get wet anyway, right? The reclined high-back seat is extremely comfortable and let's me lean back as I'm going through a breaking wave. The bow is shaped like a surf board, the hull bottom is rounded/chined with a concave center and a skeg-like rear end. My 70 year-old mother-in-law loved it paddling around at Lake Tahoe. My 6'3" brother-in-law really enjoyed the ride and my sister-in-law said it handled really easy. No water bottle holder! I'll have to add that too. It's light (plasic - 39 lbs. 11'2" x 29.5"), moves through the water well, tracks well, and turns easy. I'm having lots of fun in it.

I bought my Typhoon first...

I bought my Typhoon first week of july and have taken it out every weekend since. I modified the front to carry my six pack cooler (soda) and with the added weight in front it still tracks very well. I enjot it because I frequent rivers a lot and like to take breaks. This kayak is very easy to get in and out of. It is also very stable and does not flip easily. I would and have recommended this one to all my friends.

Fantastic sit on top kayak...

Fantastic sit on top kayak for kids and adults. I am almost 6'4" as well (220 lbs) and this kayak is so easy to paddle and tracks great. It is also very comfortable. Got rid of my heavy canoe and won't go back again.

The typhoon is one of the...

The typhoon is one of the best sit on top kayaks for flat water. At 11'2" it is long enough for good tracking and streamlined enough for pretty good speed. It weighs only 39 pounds and has moulded carrying handles.

One thing that is a little different about this kayak is that it is constructed with an integral high back moulded seat. The sitting position is slightly reclined similar to a recumbent exercise bike. Needless to say it is super comfortable and easy on the back. I am 6'4" and have plenty of leg room on this kayak. Another unusual features is a removable moulded storage compartment that fits the contoured shape of the high back seat. The compartment seals on the bottom with a large watertight rubber gasket and straps to the main body with the opening completely invisible. Use the storage compartment or leave it off and strap bulky objects with webbed belting.

This kayak has no self bailing holes and is not the best choice for surf and snorkeling. However, what you do get is a good, dry ride except for a little paddle drip into the foot wells. You also get a nice, low sitting position for comfort and stability.

This is the kayak of choice for several rental companies in my area. I purchased a used rental kayak about 2 years old for about half the $400 retail price for a new one.

If you want a nice flat water ride for creeking, lakes and slow rivers the Typhoon is very hard to beat. This boat is sturdy and well made. It is rated at 250 pounds and will perform well at maximum capacity. Check this one out. You'll be glad you did.