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Nomad Description

The Nomad is a kayak brought to you by Dimension. Read Nomad reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other kayak recommendations below or explore all kayaks to find the perfect one for you!

Nomad Reviews

Read reviews for the Nomad by Dimension as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

I have 2 Nomads and paddle...

I have 2 Nomads and paddle with my partner. Both of us are small and light but have no problem with these boats. As experienced kayakers we find them extremely stable and they carry plenty of gear for expeditions of up to 6 days (including water). Speed is not really an issue for us as we paddle together but for sure these boats are not as fast as a fiberglass equivalent. All in all a good boat for tripping - able to take serious knocks and carry plenty of gear.

I really like my nomad, It...

I really like my nomad, It is my first kayak. (I have been paddling canoes for about 20 yrs.). I was looking for a Wilderness Systems Cape Horn 170. I wanted a plastic boat because of river and shore use and cost was also a factor. I needed a large cockpit for comfort as I am 6'3" tall and 230 lbs. the Cape Horn was comfy but the thigh braces made it hard to slide in and out of. the lack of braces was a real seller on the Nomad and I am plenty able to knee/ thigh brace my Nomad. it is stable especially at speed. I think its fast but have no other kayak rides to compare it to. the rudder makes it turn really good in all conditions I have been in. the seat is nice with the high back. this boat can take plenty of gear for a weekend long river camp trip if you pack smart. and the deck cording is plentiful. the only problem is lack of dealers. ( try Old Town ). and maybe it would be hard to brace if your under 5'10" or of really thin build. like I said I have only this kayak for experience and as I gain experience I may out grow it but for now I have a blast and feel it is fast and stable and handles well. I just load my gear and hit the water and have fun. thats the main thing I wanted. also it is a an attractive kayak . mine is red. whatever you pick , get a kayak you like and fits well. until then your missing all the fun. I hope I have helped you out.

At 65lbs, a bit heavy when...

At 65lbs, a bit heavy when hoisting onto roofracks. Unlike other reviewers, I don't find this kayak slow, but since it is my first, and not having raced other kayaks of similar length, that may not be objective. Dimension need better quality control. Nylon webbing that connects rudder cables to pedals looked like scraps left over from hatch fasteners - barely long enough, and kept loosening underway, resulting in no rudder control. I replaced with longer webbing and doubled up on buckles, and no more problem. Also, crimp fastener on rudder cable let go - dealer had no crimp tool - unable to help! Thanks to the nice folks at the Toronto Rigging Shop, it got repaired. Other than that, I'm very satisfied - kayak is stable, tracks well with rudder down. I'm a big guy, 6"1, 240 lbs, but fit comfortably. I would happily buy another one.

I owned this boat for a...

I owned this boat for a few years now, I think it’s time for a fair review! The Nomad, molded into rugged polyethylene by Dimension is a cross between a recreational to light-touring kayak, which can be easily said to suit the novice paddler. The large flat bottom is what gives the Nomad it’s initial stability and grace, at the same time allowing first time paddlers a sense of security and pride. The Nomad design is great for casual paddling, day-tripping or for weekend excursions, with roomy deck hatches to carry enough gear for whatever outdoor recreation. The performance of this kayak during demanding tidal conditions tracks well enough with the rudder down, your energy isn’t entirely spent. The maneuverability of this boat hinders the paddler from turning on a dime due to the fact it’s long with a wide bottom. Although I outgrew this boat, I plan on keeping her around for a very long time, whenever I take friends out who are inexperience in kayaking.

I also found this boat...

I also found this boat very sluggish, I didn't paddle it very long but really didn't want to. I think a paddler would have trouble keeping up with faster boats on longer trips. Plenty of storage, however they've sacrificed a bit too much in the speed and control department for me.

An extremely stable boat...

An extremely stable boat on any water. Beginners would be immediately comfortable in the boat, and could paddle away without worry of having many problems. There is tons of space for all your gear, and could easily be used for week long trips or longer. Responds well to leans and sweeps, and tracks fairly well. The more experienced paddlers would find this boat very slow though.