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Super Ego

by  Dagger

This Product Has Been Discontinued

Super Ego Reviews


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Super Ego Reviews

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Super Ego

I currently have the Dagger…

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I currently have the Dagger Super Ego and love to pull it out from time to time. I'm 6' 0" and about 190 lbs. I primarily use the boat on the Nantahala and Pigeon Rivers, although I have taken it down some other III-IV+ runs as well.

1) Extremely loose hull. The Super Ego's hull is as loose as anything I've ever paddled. It spins effortlessly.
2) Reasonable hull speed. While not a fast boat, the Super Ego has better hull speed than most playboats, especially the new "spud boats".
3) Slicy. If you are the proper weight for the boat, the Super Ego is extremely slicy. At 190lbs, I could flatwheel this boat, but it wasn't as easy as other designs (eg. LL Pop) However, if you weigh over 210 lbs or so, the Super Ego could easily be a flatwater playtoy.

1) Very edgy. While the Super Ego owes much of its high performance to its sharp edges, these edges are also a drawback. The Super Ego is not a forgiving boat and thus a small mistake can mean conversing with the fish. This can make learning new moves frustrating.
2) Huge volume inside. This may be a non-issue for 210+ lb paddlers, but I had to pad the boat out with enormous amounts of foam in order to fit tightly.

I feel the Super Ego is a great boat for large features. On a huge wave or in a big hole, the boat comes alive and is great fun to paddle.