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Quake Reviews

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I got to agree, this is the…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 12/15/2007
I got to agree, this is the BEST creekboat I've ever paddled hands down. Stable but dynamic and fast for a bathtub boat. It is a wet ride though; buy some hydroskin & drypants for the winter. I've paddled in Class IV-V and felt extremely comfortable, and I've paddled it down Class II with friends without hating life. Best part for creekin' is its not Royalex!!

As far as playing goes, it'll hang with a SpanishFly but its no CUFly or Salsa. Incredible fun in a hole and loves a fast wave. Throws enders all day too.

The day I wear the hull out is going to be a sad, sad day for me....luckily that'll be many seasons from now.


What are you kidding me ?! A…

Submitted by: sdbrassfield on 9/4/2007
What are you kidding me ?! A great creeker and river play boat. A hole surfing machine...Wet, but that does not hurt it because it will not take on much water when fully bagged out. I love mine and will never part with it...

Great boat for creeking in…

Submitted by: paddler228865 on 8/27/2000
Great boat for creeking in the Northwest, boofs: excellent, pourovers & drops: excellent, rolls well, and surfs good. Very slow attainment and too full in bow for eddyline work although a nice pourover will get enders, just punch it in. Great in a holes and releases easily. I filled in the sides with foam and put in a forward bulkhead to speed the water exit in a roll; can roll to near dry, 2" of water. Above average stability when full of water. Really lousy, cheap manufacturers airbags, try not to buy them. Double check the manufacturers placement of the seat/harness; the boat can be set up too stern heavy and as it is assimetrical it will squat. Easy to set up in a no-thigh-strap rig with knee cups in a bow bulkhead and toe blocks although you should move the thwart to support the bulkhead. All these comments come from paddling a Viper 11 as a reference, doesn't carve as sharply and is slower. Took the boat down to Idaho and on the Staircase and Loscha falls the boat excells.

It appears that Dagger…

Submitted by: paddler228689 on 6/18/2000
It appears that Dagger designed this boat primarily for rodeo play. And that it does very well; better than any conventionally designed open boat that I've paddled. They also recommend it for creeking, and it's not so adept there, primarily because it's attainment and lateral move ability descends markedly with water in the boat, even though there is very little room for water. The airbags fill all but maybe 10 gallons of the hull. The boat rolls easily, as the bow and stern are below the level of the cockpit area, and so don't present any impediment when upside down rolling up. Finally, I'd recommend this boat, which Dagger made for only the '99 season, as a great choice for open-boat rodeo play for destination paddling.