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Ocoee Reviews


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Ocoee Reviews

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It is hard to improve on the…

Submitted by: sdbrassfield on 9/9/2014
It is hard to improve on the classic. This boat is considered the quintessential white water design and was the most sought after boat in its time. Quick, edgy and easy to put where you wanted it. Wish it were still being manufactured. You can find them occasionally but hard to find one in good condition anymore.

The Ocoee is the best open…

Submitted by: paddler228689 on 6/2/2003
The Ocoee is the best open boat I have paddled for slalom and general river running, especially creeking. My review is to be understood in this context: I'm 5'10", 190# and am comparing this to the Outrage, the Outrage X, Rival, and Phantom. There are better boats for big water, but then it is not intended for that environment anyway. It carves and pivots extremely well, is not as fast as the Mad River boats or the Rival, but is the quickest of the lot. Perhaps the Phantom is as quick, but cannot sustain glide through a stroke like the Ocoee. It snaps in and out of eddies quicker than any of these boats except the Phantom, but I found the edge to be more predicatable then the Phantom.I've heard that the edginess is comparable to the Viper series and shares design characteristics. This is a unique hull that is not recommended as a first whitewater boat, but worth mastering for an experienced paddler who wants to paddle creeks or run slalom gates.

I am a rookie whitewater…

Submitted by: paddler229410 on 8/17/2001
I am a rookie whitewater canoeist and jumped in over my head on this boat. I can't say I don't like it because I can't really test it's true proformance yet. If you are new to the sport get an ovation. If you are a tried and true OC-1er try it out. It has preformed great on the Nantahalla and Locust Fork, and a few creeks in north Alabama, but just check it out.