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just got one. beginner to…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/18/2022

just got one. beginner to intermediate paddler first whitewater boat. today first day on the river playing around. man it’s fun. even just repeating a single rapid keeps you on ya toes. and wants to get her front end up any chance it gets. looking forward to more river running.


The Medieval is my first…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/28/2004
The Medieval is my first whitewater kayak, and I really do like it. The Jetty's at New Smyrna Beach, FL is my main surfing spot. This boat is a bit slicy for a beginning kayaker, but once you get used to it, you're in for some excitement! Once I had my bomb-proof roll, I was ready for the biggest waves out there. In 2003, we had three hurricanes fly by us in the Atlantic, and all three produced HUGE waves (10'+ on some days). The Medieval had no problems out there, as for me, I was eventually wore/stretched out from the beatings, and luckily I never had to swim in those waves! This year we also had some nice size waves (6'+), but I have the most fun in the 3'-5' range with this boat. Definitely faster than the shorter "aerial" boats, and also easier to paddle out through the breakers.

On my first WW trip, I paddled the Nantahala with this boat and had no problems, but after a couple times down, I decided to paddle a CFS on the Ocoee. The ends are a little "grabby" in holes, so I felt safer with a higher volume boat. After running the Ocoee, I look back and can't help thinking, "I would have had more fun in my Medieval!"

Anyways, I'm 6'3", 145lbs, and with the seat moved all the way back, I have enough room for sufficient foot padding, but could definitely use more foot room. What IS the deal with all the screws!? Peace to all the surfers that watch me drink a bottle of water way out at Shark Shallows!! Thanks Dagger for a sweet bottle holder in this boat!!

P.S. Make sure you have a strong (Kevlar) skirt if you're going to paddle big waves, and don't forget to stretch!


I am 184cm tall and 75 kgs,…

Submitted by: paddler229672 on 5/6/2002
I am 184cm tall and 75 kgs, live in Perth Australia and have been playing canoe polo and doing the odd bit of surfing and whitewater but wanted to do a lot more surfing. So I brought a Medieval as I reckoned that it would be a good boat to start with. I haven't been disappointed. I have been surfing a few times now on waves of 0.5-0.7 metres and have been able to cut up the waves with a few cutbacks and aerials loops. In big surf it seems Ok at getting out, esp compared to a few of the newer, shorter boats. Only adverse thing are its weight which cuts down speed at takeoff and reaction times when manouvering, foot rests are uncomfortable (wear booties/socks) and seat is bit loose around the hips (need padding. Surf is expected to get up about 1.5 metres this week so I'll be hooting.

I bought my Medieval last…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 2/15/2001
I bought my Medieval last year in an attempt to become a play boater (it was either that or creeking which seemed slightly insane). Kayaking is funny, you spend a lot of time learning the basics (or doing things that will keep you upright) and then you take up playboating, and do things that make you either flip or remain unstable. Go figure. The Medieval is about as much boat as you want and is designed for a bigger paddler. Paddling the Medieval is like dating the homecoming queen: it is thrilling, you want to show off, and, you know you are going to get dumped in the very, very near future. An important point to remember: the boat is made to flip. However, by its design, it can do things that most boats could never do and things that YOU didn't know you could do (or at least look good for a brief period doing). I did find that rolling the boat required a slight adjustment (figure it out in a pool) and thanks to the Medieval I finally learned what the big deal with playboating was: it's a blast. PS: Don't make this your first boat unless you have gills.

I just recentally paddled the…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 11/15/1999
I just recentally paddled the Medieval, I liked the boat I could do cart-wheels with no problem. I must say though I like the Mr. Clean from Perception a little better, It truly is a fine tuned piece of plastic. Dont get me wrong the Medieval is a great playboat also, I can throw ends in this boat with no effort at all.

Great boat. I like it much…

Submitted by: paddler228349 on 11/1/1999
Great boat. I like it much better than the Mr. Clean. It plays very well and still runs rivers. Rolls easier than the clean too. I haven't had any problems with it filling with water. The one I have stays close to bone dry. If I only owned one bot, this would probably be it.

A great boat for even the…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/12/1999
A great boat for even the smallest (non-existant) eddy lines. Flatwater ends, squirts, and cartwheels!! For my frame though (6', 190#) I found the Mr. Clean MUCH more comfortable. The Medieval I tested also took on more water during comparable paddling times, probably due to the multitude of screws (22 by my count) I also had troube with abrasion on my knees and ankles where they rubbed the side of the boat. I think it would be drier and more comfortable if ordered without the foot braces and padded out. I ordered a Mr Clean instead.

Holy Cow, Batman! This Kayak…

Submitted by: paddler228038 on 3/29/1999
Holy Cow, Batman! This Kayak through me for a loop! Guys this kayak is great! I paddled a Perception Mr. Clean at a roll clinic thursday night in Charlotte, liked what it would do on flatwater so much that I went to NOC at Nantahala Friday and bought a Medieval. This is one, fun kayak. I really liked the Redline before, but WOW! Go buy this kayak, it seemed to work a little smoother than the Mr. Clean. It looks better than the Mr. Clean too!! Mr. Clean was great too, it got me to buy the Medieval. This kayak is a Flatwater KING! I can go to any type water and do everything with it. Creeking is a little scary though! It is not the same as coming over a waterfall in my Gradient, but if you like thrills and all try creeking in the Medieval. Super kayak!!!!!