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The Honcho is a kayak brought to you by Dagger. Read Honcho reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other kayak recommendations below or explore all kayaks to find the perfect one for you!

Honcho Reviews

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6'1" 200lb size 12

I'm only writing this review because of the sheer level of astonishment that people taller than me enjoy this kayak. Maybe my seat is installed backwards but I am super uncomfortable and there is no way I could spend more than a couple hours in this thing. Most of my day was spent with my feet up on top of the outside. I don't see how anyone taller than I am was anywhere near remotely comfortable riding in this kayak.

The other problem I had was when getting up to speed the front end really wants to turn left or right and you end up fighting it. When you give up the fight the whole kayak spins around one way or the other and if you don't lean away from the turn you're likely to capsize. That's how it felt anyway.

Any tips are greatly appreciated as I am clearly a novice.

I've had my Honcho for...

I've had my Honcho for over 5 years now and the only thing I find it lacking is volume for picking up swimmers (and stopping a back loop in grade 5 (uk grade 5) falls. I'm 6'2" and 200 pounds and all I needed was some hip pads and a lump to slide me forward in the seat (I find that Dagger seats cut off the circulation in my legs if I'm all the way back in the seat). I've done most things from flat water trips to big grade WW and it is a star. I've now got to find a replacement as its just got a slice in the hull from the french alps :O(

I’m 6'2' about 235lbs...

I’m 6'2' about 235lbs and “blessed” with size 14EE feet. I have a 22” torso and a 35” inseam. The Honcho is the first whitewater / playboat that I’ve ever been reasonably comfortable in. (I did modify the front pillar a bit to make heel room, but I require no foot-bumps.)

I've had my Honcho for a little over a year. This is my first whitewater boat and I’m glad I didn’t get a lesser craft. This is a great beginner / intermediate boat, it surfs moderately well, it plays well considering its size and volume and handles extremely well in bigger water. I’d say if you are a big guy looking for a boat that will take you a while to outgrow, then go for the Honcho.

I had the opportunity to...

I had the opportunity to use a Honcho at the NOC kayak school. I am 5'11", weigh 218# and have a 34" inseam and size 10 feet. Like at Yoga, my feet were sole-to-sole with little wiggle room,and my knees were pressed against the side of the kayak. I would have paid ransom for some padding! Also, I thought the seat connection was chintzy and the Bomber Gear backband was unsupportive. If someone got this boat, some serious retrofitting might be in order. That being said, I liked the performance of the kayak. It edged nicely, turned quickly and responded well. Had a tendency to pearl a bit if I was paddling faster. But, all in all, I liked the boat enough to be tempted to buy it off NOC even though it was "well worn" from a season of classes. My recommendation is: get in it and see if you can get comfortable. If so, I honestly think you would like it!

At over 6'4" and 200 lbs,...

At over 6'4" and 200 lbs, I always thought anything even resembling a playboat was out of my league. Man, was I wrong! I love everything about this boat. She surfs like a charm, pearls a lot less than you'd expect, and can turn on a dime. The hard edges and secondary stability really help with control. All this without comprimising hardly any down-river ability (save a low hull speed). I would recommend this true hybrid to experienced paddlers who want the best of both worlds in one boat, as well as to novices who want a boat they won't outgrow in 3 months. (If ever!)