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by  Dagger

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Freefall Reviews


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Freefall Reviews

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Freefall by Dagger was my…

Submitted by: paddler232744 on 9/16/2016
Freefall by Dagger was my favorite creek boat of all time. Since my Freefall i have owned numerous boats, current one is a Wavesport, but the Freefall will probably always be my favorite.

Pros - very very easy to roll, stable, comfy, lots of room
Cons - hull cracks where the seat supports rest when the boat becomes (very) old and the plastic brittle.


The Freefall is an old school…

Submitted by: rik_anaka on 12/4/2007
The Freefall is an old school creek boat, circa early 1990's. I bought my Freefall last summer for super cheap. The plan was to use it as a whitewater tripper. Last summer I tried taking it on some technical runs... just to see how it did. Maybe it's just that I'm used to more modern boats, but wow what a beast. The massive volume and long length get caught by every current imaginable. So no more technical runs in the Freefall. What this boat does excel at is carrying lots of gear and plowing it's way down a rapid. This winter's project is stripping out all but the necessary outfitting to open up the massive volume for gear. It'll then be my class 3 tripping machine.

Pros: Monstrous volume and displacement hull holds tons of gear. Big speed. Plows through just about anything. Super easy to roll. Will be a great tripper.

Cons: This thing is a beast. Not for technical runs. Definitely not a playboat.