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Exodus Reviews

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I'm fairly new to sea...

I'm fairly new to sea kayaking, but having been on a few trips in NZ using a Q-Kayaks Penguin, I was keen to buy something similar. I've taken the Exodus out a few times and I am already congratulating myself on a sound purchase. Yes, it's fairly cheap, but it's exactly what I need. At 30kg, some would say that it's a bit heavy, but I am of medium build (5ft 9) and I don't have any problems moving the boat around. I pull it down to the beach on a Ruk trolley (the 40cm wheel version) and carry it on my shoulder about 50m to the water. Once in the water the boat is a dream to paddle. 30 mins into my first paddle and I was loving life! The rudder is fine, although I lubricate the overstem mechanism to make deployment smoother. Good buy... Goodbye!

I bought a red Exodus 3...

I bought a red Exodus 3 months ago new for £800, for trips that may involve rock hopping/gardens and bouldery landings, surf practice etc. I already have a Carbon/Kevlar Quest LV and this boat is, unbelievably, actually faster than that(GPS backed fact...) even though it is much, much heavier.

The Dagger build quality is superb, the hatches are good, the boat design is rigid (compared to my old Capella 166 and some of our clubs Valleys), which all flex considerably. It is a big boat, cockpit wise, I'm only 5'7" 200lb and the rudder pegs are nearly at the shortest leg length setting, my inside leg is 31". Considering it's a "one size fits all" boat, it could do with the runners being closer to the seat- there is a huge volume behind the rudder footrests and as such a lot of space, nearly 18" until the bulkhead! I bet Darth Vader and Chewbacca would have room to spare, and if the bulkhead was further towards the cockpit too it would allow a superb increased front hatch volume. As such, I use a heavy duty drybag jammed behind the footrests when needed but a lot of potential dry space is wasted...

The smooth finish of the boat(superb quality EXL plastic) may account for some of it's speed, and it has a fairly low bow compared to the Quest LV, which keeps wind interference down but can make for a wetter paddle. It is stable when stationary and on the move, not being narrow and with a forgiving hull profile. The seat is comfy and the backband can be adjusted from the thigh grips, which can be adjusted fore and aft too.

Over here in the UK rudders are somewhat looked down upon as inferior to skegs, but it's good having no potential weak points to let water in, you can jam kit in the back without fear of damaging skeg cables etc, and I really like using the rudder - on a recent trip to the Sandaigs it allowed me to put down my paddle and then effortlessly steer the boat (a tail wind and flood tidal stream pushing me along) quietly towards an unsuspecting otter eating a fish on a skerry (that's a rock...) and get some photos- try doing that with a skeg! Rudder up it edge turns really well, the rudder is brilliant especially in a following sea, and the boat rolls easily (I think it would weigh a tonne if you had to empty it after a wet exit it due to the cockpit volume) I plan to replace the skeg cord with stainless steel wire/fittings over the winter for peace of mind that I can truly rely on the rudder when things get rough....

Overall it's a stunningly good design and I thoroughly recommend it to anyone who can handle the "anti-rudder snobbery"!(especially at that price, even in "rip-off UK"- I bet it's about $800 in the US!) It would have scored a 10 but for the front bulkhead being too far away. I don't know anyone with a 50" inside leg and Dagger should sort this out!!!

I bought this kayak used...

I bought this kayak used about a year ago. I have logged approximately 150 miles in the boat and have been very pleased so far. The boat is officially the 16'8", but Dagger's specs say it is 16'11", presumably because the rudder hinge sticks out slightly. I am 6'2" and 195 lbs. and the boat fits me quite well. The seat is more comfortable than any kayak I have ever been in. My longest trip has probably been about 4 hours in the boat and my back never bothered me. The boat has a very pointed bow a fairly wide midsection, and a very narrow and low stern. I am not a naval engineer, so I don't exactly know what that does for the way the boat handles, but it sure makes it look cool. The boats inital stability isn't as good as in other boats I have paddled, but the secondary stability is extremely good. With in 30 minutes, I felt very comfortable in the boat and have never felt like I was going over. Most of my paddling has been on flat water although I have taken it through some light rapids and through some fairly large waves (3 ft.) and it has performed well in all conditions. Like all Daggers, it has great tiedowns on the decks. The hatch covers fit well and are easy to remove. It has tons of storage in both hatches. As far as speed goes, I can comfortably average over 4 miles per hour with a high of about 5 1/2 miles per hour according to my GPS. If feels like a very fast boat and glides well. It also tracks very well and I rarely use the rudder. The only problem I have had with the boat, is that the hull lacks a little support under the cockpit. It developed a dent that wouldn't come out. I made a brace out of a piece of wood that I place in the boat while it is stored and that seems to have fixed the problem. Dagger says this is a common problem with plastic boats and that they can easily be reformed by pouring boiling water over, which i did, or setting in the sun with something pushing the dent out. Anyway, problem solved for me.

Pros: Fast, Stable, Looks very cool, comfortable

Cons: A little bit heavy, hull is thin under the cockpit.