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Caper Reviews


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Caper Reviews

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Just acquired a used beat up…

Submitted by: Kaccv on 7/1/2016
Just acquired a used beat up battle scarred Caper. I am Refreshing the Royalex hull to new as money allows. I got it primed sanded and second coat primed light sanding and ready for two coats of Supermarine Ironside marine paint. Cant wait to paddle this white water warrior back in a columbus GA Chattahoochee class 3-5 white water course. Did I mention this caper battle rolls easy:)

The Caper was my first white…

Submitted by: paddler236134 on 3/21/2016
The Caper was my first white water (solo) boat.... back in like 1990 or something. At 14' and 5" of rocker, it can handle the biggest of white water period. I've seen this boat on the Gauley at full release....not for the timid. If you are young and strong this is a good boat for really big white water or most any water for that matter, but it takes a lot to lug around. All of your moves have to be purposeful and with thought! Tracks well since it is so damn big! Comes in handy for tripping runs too but with the rocker and chine design, not as stable as say a Legend.

Excellent aggressive tandem ww canoe, which is actually more in line with it's size and original design intent. Have since sold the Caper to a young guy that reminded me of me......getting into the sport of ww canoeing and graduating from a lake canoe. Great big ass ww canoe.


sure wish i had this boat…

Submitted by: Kaccv on 7/8/2015
sure wish i had this boat back. I handle huge class 5 and + rapids extremely well solo or tandem. the absolute most stable and maneuverable white water boat designed. Great for long distant camping with gear to class 3 and up to 4. It trumps their Legend design in White water capability. Now own a Dagger Caption 14'.