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Axiom 8.0

by Dagger
  • 8' Length
  • 24.5" Width
  • 37 Weight (lbs)
  • $ 1,059 MSRP

Axiom 8.0 Description

The Axiom 8.0 is a kayak brought to you by Dagger. Read Axiom 8.0 reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other kayak recommendations below or explore all kayaks to find the perfect one for you!

Axiom 8.0 Reviews

Read reviews for the Axiom 8.0 by Dagger as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

For I am 5,11 and I fit...

For I am 5,11 and I fit this boat great. The axiom is truly a boat that can run any thing and everything. This boat is a little squirrely at first, if you dont know how to use the edge,but no matter what you will learn to use it. The axiom rolls nice for beginners and in general. Love this boat, people say you have to be short with a 8.5 foot size which is wrong my foot is 11.5 and I fit perfectly.

Amazing boat, its my...

Amazing boat, its my favourite at the moment. I'm a 5'1" paddler and weigh 58kg. It's effortless to roll, quick and responsive. But a word of warning : don't lean back in large features! The back catches on everything, and at first I found it hard to control. Being a smaller boat you definitely feel more in the river than on it, and more power is required to drive it through to where you want it. But the edging is smooth and it's got a great flat bottom for surfing.

In short, a wonderful boat once you learn to tame it with a lot of potential for developing your paddling skills.

Great play boat

I'm short, 5'8" ish, so I actually fit in this boat. Got it from a friend who owed me some money. Used it a few times, mostly just to tool around, rolling and spinning in the pool and at the lake. Three stars because most people won;t fit into this boat.

Love this kayak! I have...

Love this kayak! I have an RPM which is the ancestor to this new boat. The RPM was the best kayak ever produced and is still popular. Saving space, easy rolls and getting more play this Axiom is the next one to get.

This is the ultimate river...

This is the ultimate river running kayak. Handles like a dream! Turns on a dime and yet not to much edge. The rolling is effortless. My weight is 165 and this seems to fit and balance out perfect. The seat is adjustable to give snug fit. Would recommend to anyone wanting a river runner or creeker.

Just a quick initial review: If you fit this boat it rocks. But…

Just a quick initial review:
If you fit this boat it rocks. But you need to be flexible, 5'8"or under, less than 150lbs, with size 8 or smaller feet. The outfitting is great, as reported, the boat does way more than I can, somehow manages to leak, like all Daggers

I will leave a true performance review to someone who can dazzle you with tales of what this boat is best at. It's better at everything WW than I am. Very stable, fast, fun, but a very tight fit, requiring a break every once in a while to stretch the knees/hips/ankles. My inseam is 30" and I have the bulkhead jammed as far forward as possible, and the seat as far back as it will go, and still a wet exit requires some yoga moves to vacate the boat. Sit in one before you buy. I weigh 135, so an 8.5 was not an option. My old boat was a Response, which is luxuriously roomy/comfy if a comparison is fair. Which it isn't,cuz this boat can do so much more. Amazing and fun beyond words.