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Speedster Reviews

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I just picked up my...

I just picked up my speedster (used) last fall and haven't actually had the chance to get it in the water but I have to say this is one of the most beautifully built boats I've seen. My speedster is a carbon fibre layup which I was told was a one off as they only made them in kevlar. I've got a Simon River Sports Dart and a Current Design Caribou S as well and while both these boats are nice rides they can't hold a candle to the quality of this Speedster. I can't wait to get it in the water!

Fast,light,race worthy, be...

Fast,light,race worthy, be prepared to swim during learning curve. Try to find used. Some people don't like swimming.

Excellent layup and...

Excellent layup and overall manufacturing quality. Light and strong. Rudder cables a bit short for me (6-3 ht). Seat comfortable and fits well. It has enormous speed potential. I bought as an intro to high speed skis and kayaks. It has the benefit of not swamping when capsized, and can launch into the rough off a beach, unlike most high performance (racing) kayaks. Before this boat, I had a beginner's surfski and various touring boats.

On flat water, speed potential is very high. For 1+ hr workouts, 6mph is a very sustainable pace including turnarounds and zig zags around bouys. The only downside to this boat is its unforgiving nature. To go from a beginner surfski to this will require total commitment and lots of swimming. After some time, the hull is much more comfortable. I just swam a lot for the first month of having this boat. Now, after 3 months, I can fly on flat water, and feel quite stable. Still working on the rougher water.

Overall, an excellent quality boat with really high performance potential.

Anyone interested in speed...

Anyone interested in speed needs to try a Speedster. It is truly a raceworthy hull. I bought it because I wanted more of a challenge when going out for workouts on the water. My Sea Kayak just did'nt give me the speed and challenge I was looking for. I wanted to cover some water! The Speedster gave me everything that I wanted. I paddle this boat on the Mississippi River in Minnesota and have had it in some pretty schetchy currents and crosswinds. Once you become comfortable in the boat you can challenge boat wakes and waves grinning from ear to ear!