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Solstice SS Reviews

Read reviews for the Solstice SS by Current Designs Kayaks as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

Just took the Solstice out...

Just took the Solstice out for the first time today! This is my first sea kayak, and I was very impressed at how easy it was to get acclamated to this boat. The SS tracks very well and has good cruising speed. I will update this review when I have taken it out more... I have no complaints as of yet!

I have a 1993 Solstice SS....

I have a 1993 Solstice SS. That's right, it's 2006 and my boat is a 1993. That alone should tell you something about her lasting quality and durability! She's very fast, stable as a rock, takes a good beating and comes back for more, and has virtually no learning curve to paddling her. As the others have said, the boat tends to dive a little bit into big waves, but if you remember to relax, lean back, and have faith that the boat floats and will come up on its own out of the waves, it makes for a great stable ride in any kind of conditions. She's big enough that you could pack an army in there too. She sure is a beauty to look at and a real pleasure to paddle.

I live on the gulf coast...

I live on the gulf coast and kayak in the bay, gulf, and rivers this boat is stable, and very comfortable, excellent for touring. Rolls well, escape from cockpit no problem good boat for life you won't outgrow it.

This is my third kayak. I...

This is my third kayak. I found this 1990 (?) used locally and bought it as a daily paddler as I found my Seda Glider a bit "twichy" in the confused chop that I often encounter. My paddling buddy has the Solstice GTS. The SS is the precursor of the GTS. The underbodies are nearly identical. The GTS has more bow flare for lift and some other top deck mold improvements as well. The SS is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful designs to ever come out of a mold. In a fast moving following sea the foredeck will often stay covered for a little more time than I enjoy - remember what I said about the GTS having more flare forward? - it needed it! That aside, initial stability is excellent as is tracking. It is also comfortable and is fairly easily driven up to a hull speed of about 5.4 mph. Beyond that I can see that it takes more effort to hit 6 with this boat than with my Seda or new Epic 18. This is a great used boat value and a truly CLASSIC design.

I just love this boat. It...

I just love this boat. It tracks so well, that I hardly ever have to use the rudder. The fit is wonderful, and she is a joy to paddle. I was very disappointed at it's response to heavy seas. It has a tendency to nose dive, but I found that if I just slowed her down and enjoyed to waves instead of working like a dog at a crossing, then she did beautifullly, however, then I lose the rest of the party and I am alone out there. Not a good spot to be in in rough weather. My plan is get another boat and save this one for known nice days, because I really do enjoy it.

High initial and...

High initial and reasonable high secondary stability. This boat is a joy in mild conditions, and holds its course quite well in windy chop, without using the rudder. The Solstice SS is pretty fast, very comfortable, and is an all around terrific boat. Not fantastic in rough conditions; the bow seems to dip into the water more than I like. I would recommend this boat to pond and lake cruisers, and to those who would rather stay in than paddle in very rough conditions.