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  • 21' 8" Length
  • 32" Width
  • 92 Weight (lbs)
  • $ 4,799 MSRP

Libra XT Description

The Libra XT has all the features you need for extensive touring or family outings. The middle cockpit can accommodate a child, or carry a raft of expedition gear for the most luxurious adventure. Long and deep, the Libra XT always gives a comfortable ride. The watertight bow and stern compartments, along with the self-contained middle compartment, offer tremendous capacity. The Libra XT's efficient hull design is easy to paddle and provides ample stability. The XT has proven itself with many tour operators where safety, seaworthiness, comfort, carrying capacity and quality construction are essential.

Libra XT Reviews


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Libra XT Specifications

  • Seating Configuration: Tandem
  • Weight: 92 lbs
  • Length: 21' 8"
  • Width: 32"
  • Cockpit Dimensions (L × W): 31.50 × 17.25"
  • Deck Height: 15.75"
  • Primary Material: Fiberglass Composite

Libra XT Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Cockpit Type: Sit Inside
  • Hull Shape: V-Bottom
  • Chine: Soft

Additional Attributes

  • Composite Seam
  • Current Designs Rudder
  • Sea-lect Designs Foot Brace

Recommended Usage

  • Activity Type: Touring
  • Water Type: Flat/Sheltered Water, Open Water/Ocean
  • Duration: Day Trip
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult

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Libra XT Reviews

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We purchased this boat 20...

We purchased this boat 20 + years ago in 1996 or 1997 and have paddled thousands of miles in the Great Lakes (mostly Lake Superior) and the Atlantic ocean (Penobscot Bay in Maine). It's the ONLY tandem we know of that will carry all you need for extended, 2-4 week wilderness trips that involve sometimes heavy seas. After many years, the steering cables needed replacing, and we've had to replace the seat backs (probably the weakest component) and a hatch cover. But the manufacturer has the parts available. A reviewer mentioned it wasn't car-toppable, and that may be true for them, but we've always car-topped it on vans and our Toyota Highlander. It's heavy, at around 95lb, but Yakima Hully Rollers and Showboat roller help a lot.

We are a novice couple who...

We are a novice couple who have only been out a few times. This was our first experience with a non-plastic kayak. What we noticed:
  • It was *very* long. This avoided paddle bump, but we were so far apart we couldn't hear one another, even though it was quiet.
  • Storage. What was between us - adding all the extra length - was storage. This would be excellent for longer trips. The group we with used us as the team pack mules. Which made it...
  • Heavy. It's already going to be heavier than a plastic kayak; adding all that extra stuff made paddling a lot more work than we're used to. Since it's was the longest trip we've takes so far, that part wasn't pleasant.
  • Adjustable footrests - very nice and accommodated both of us (4'11 and 5'10"), but hard to adjust and they slipped several times.
  • Skeg. The "driver" hated it. That may be inexperience, but he didn't find it helpful.
  • More about the storage. It's so far away from the seats that you can't reach in during pauses, say, for a camera or a snack. You have to carry what you need in the footwell or under the bungees (those carried the water bottles well).
  • Seats - both of us found the angle of the seats unsatisfactory, a problem we hadn't experienced before. We both got sore backs.
  • Out of the water - it *is* very heavy. I wouldn't like to own it unless I had one of the lift racks that lets you load at waist level.
  • Very long means extra charges on the ferry and a the need for some extra space where you land and take off as well some awareness when you're driving.
Overall - probably too much for us, but if the seats work for you, it would be good for people who want to take longer trips or take along the dog or kid in the center section, which I understand can be converted to use as a triple.

I purchased a 1999 Libra...

I purchased a 1999 Libra XT and love it. I also have a Solstice 2008 and Nomad / Extreme 2003. Paddled it yesterday with my wife who has a Eddyline Journey. No numbers on speed but i is not a slouch by any means. Paddled a route I do with the Nomad and it was 5 minutes slower in a 45 minute trip. Boat cleaned up well and shines again. That is the quality of materials used after many years.

Boat turns easily with the rudder. Didn't try it without yet as it was the first trip. Good in waves and handles well. Very relaxing to use with a partner as you can paddle separately or in sync. Finish and workmanship are usual CD high quality.

I have the older Yakima pedals which I will change to Sea-lect as the newer Libra's have. Yakima is not really comfortable. I had to tie a few additional deck bungees to use my deck bags which is easy and cheap.

I have the fiberglass layup unlike the other CD's I have which are Kevlar. They is some core material in the floor for strength. It weights about 90 lb, but the big surprise was loading it on my high roofed Ford SUV Excursion. Seemed fairly easy for it's weight and I think it is because of the length giving you leverage. I am 6' and 220 and 62. Called and ordered a few part from CD which is always easy and reasonable in price.

Not a divorce boat as tandems are called. Nice because I don't have to worry where she is or if I had and new paddler with me. Will use it all winter as I do the other kayaks on Long Island. Only thing I could see is if you have long legs the pedals where mounted now could be a bit tight. I have 32" inseam. I may move the Sea-lect pedal forward if required. I can even mod the Yakima for another 3/4" . Very happy with my purchase.

I paddled this kayak...

I paddled this kayak (fiberglass model) from Winonah MN to New Orleans on the Mississippi River, it took my partner and I 53 days. We had severe winds, still water, fast current (high water resulted in no rapids by the "chain of rocks" just a mild dip) and averaged 36 miles a day at an average of 6 miles per hour (keep in mind the 2-3 mph surface current).

It's stability is amazing, we never tipped. IT HOLDS A TON OF GEAR. We packed every inch of the inside and strapped bags on top...approx 220lbs of gear.

I would highly recommend this kayak for anyone planning a long trip, has 2 adults and one child, prefers stability over speed, or wants a kayak that will last. The only downside to this was coming home to FL and realizing the small need for a 22ft kayak.

Our initial impression of...

Our initial impression of the boat is very positive. We immediately felt comfortable sitting in the kayak because it is very roomy. We spent 3 1/2 hours straight the boat and didn't get sore at all. Not even a little. After a brief adjustment period, mainly to get our signals straight, we were easily in sync with our paddle strokes. We've paddled tandems before but it has been a while.

We like the roominess, and the storage capacity (you really can bring the kitchen sink!). I read that the boat was hard to turn and that the rudder didn't work. The rudder worked well for us and we found the boat easy to turn with or without the rudder. In fact, I didn't use the rudder most of the way back, even after the wind picked up. You can't turn it on a dime, but you could run circles around a fifty cent piece all day!

I particularly like the length of the boat, which allows the cockpits to be far enough apart that there isn't much spray from the front paddler. You can also paddle asynchronously, however, we found the boat to move better when we were in sync. It also tracks like an arrow, in sync or not. Rudder up or down, I didn't have to have my feet on the pegs at all. It held a line with hardly any effort.

There are a couple of minor things about the boat I don't like The largest of the minor issues is the boat speed. I figured it would be slow since it has a 32 inch beam. I mean, we don't plan on racing it, but I was very surprised how slow it actually was. Both of us together paddling leisurely were only averaging around 4 to 4.5 mph. My Tesla does that without much effort. Maybe we just need more practice. We did manage to get it up to 7.5 mph but we were paddling hard.

Next, I don't like that there isn't any drainage around either cockpit or around the front and rear hatches. The large center hatch does have drainage in the design. Also, there isn't any deck rigging in front of the rear cockpit. There are loops for rigging, but since the center hatch is so close to the rear cockpit, when you string it up, it crosses over the center hatch cover. Which means you'll have to move the rigging and anything you might have stowed there out of the way to open the hatch.

Also, there wasn't much rigging behind either cockpit. I added a couple loops behind the rear cockpit and rigged up an X. I also rearranged the rigging behind the front cockpit to form an X. The factory rigging was weak. I am going to rig up a glove box in rear cockpit and possibly add some deck rigging to the center hatch cover. That should solve the rigging problem.

Overall we are very pleased with the boat. More to come as we paddle it.

Have had my Libra XT for...

Have had my Libra XT for one year and am very pleased, it has been a great family boat. Nothing gives me more pleasure than to paddle local lakes and rivers with my twin, eight-year-old boys on board. The XT is very stable. I recently returned from a trip to the Apostle Island National Lakeshore and am very pleased with the storage capability and its performance in the rough and cold waters of Lake Superior. We paddled 64 miles over three days and found the XT to be fast and stable. Great kayak.

We bought a used...

We bought a used fiberglass Libra XT last year to keep in the San Juan Islands. It has been great for husband-wife paddling trips, and even better with our kids, who are teens. When they get tired or are less than motivated, I can still keep things moving from the back. It has been very stable in all sorts of water and current, and we've been happy with the fittings and load capacity. The turn radius isn't very tight, but we move pretty well with two adult paddlers in sync. This is a great boat for a couple who like to do some kayak camping with the possibility of tough weather or waves.

XT/Glass : A Bear to turn...

XT/Glass : A Bear to turn in 25knot plus winds. Other than that, she can carry a house in total comfort, safety,and keep up with, or outpace a single. I call her my touring Cadillac.

As an active single...

As an active single cockpit paddler, I missed not having my family with me on trips to lake superior. I met many people who were traveling with guided trips in the Libra XT and really was fearful of the monster size of this boat. After looking at many different brands, I decided that molded in center seat in the Libra XT offered some advantages for my situation. I took delevery last fall and my wife and I used it on our anniversary to paddle to Madline island for lunch. She loved it and so do I. The boat is very stable, quick and fun to paddle. My paddle stoke when sitting in the back is not as comfortable as when I am in my Current Designs extreme, but that is due to the large volume of boat around you. It is a different kind of paddle, but nice to have the fear factor of a less experienced paddler quelled so that you can enjoy their company.

A week after delivery I took the boat out with my paddling partner. He pronounced the boat an aircraft carrier and scoffed that it could be any fun. We skirted in and took the boat out for a shake down and were amazed at it. With strong paddlers this boat is incredibly fast and agile. It handles waves without a care and is stable as they come. We are already planning trips to include our wives and we are not concerned about their safety or ability to keep up. I still prefer the connectiveness of my Extreme, but think that if you have a spouse and child or dog that you want to include in your paddling adventures, you can't go wrong with this boat. I gave it a 10 for layup quality and design. It is not a 10 in handling, but it is a much different boat than a single and I doubt any double has the paddling characteristics as a single. I can say that even my snobbish paddling partner thinks it is a great boat.

My wife kept complaining...

My wife kept complaining when I went off alone kayaking. So I traded my single in for a new Current Designs Libra XT. Believe it or not, I do not regret the transaction... We've gone out on Lake Michigan on Sunday mornings before the drunken sailors hit the waters. The Libra XT handled 3-4 feet waves without a problem. It is very fast and extremely stable, even when handling the wakes of the big boats, intentional or otherwise.

We passed Navy Pier on our way back and the spectators all cheered us... I guess they got tired of watching beer bellied sailboat operators and wild-eyed jet skiers... Can't think of a better way to be on big water. My wife and I even had fun together...