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Libra Reviews

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We have a cabin in the San...

We have a cabin in the San Juans and bought our Libra very used from a tour company and we love it. We are pretty new to the sport and I found the boat stable and fast (for us). Not being as comfortable in the water as my husband I find it very seaworthy and safe.

I love this boat. My wife...

I love this boat. My wife and I just did our maiden paddle in a northern NJ lake in our Libra (not XT). I was warned that we wouldn't be able to turn it because it was so big. No problemo, and we're novices. It's a great boat for weekend-warriors like us. It's too big for roof-topping, so I purchased a Hart Design trailer (T-1000)which is perfect for this application. One last note about tandem kayaking: In addition to being warned about not being able to turn, I was advised (and this is from almost every "expert" I consulted) that it's better to get two singles than a double. Singles are easier to maneuver, you've each got your own boat, etc. etc. Well, they were all wrong. The tandem allows you to paddle together even though your endurance and strength levels are pretty far apart. On a technical note, the rudder flips up and down pretty hard and can easily bang the boat, so I would adjust my rating to 9.5 for that reason.

The Libra XT is the most...

The Libra XT is the most seaworthy paddle craft I've ever been in. We've used ours for 2 seasons on Lakes Mich. and Superior and have found it to be up to most anything encountered. However, being as beamy as it is, it's not the fastest double on the water but it will haul lots of gear. The seats are very comfortable and the cockpits roomy. The build quality is excellent.

We traded in our 2 plastic...

We traded in our 2 plastic singles for a Libra XT a few years ago. It is by far the best boat we have ever experienced. Roomy, stable, and fearless! We live on the southeastern shores of Lake Michigan and use our boat regularly throughout the summer. One summer, we trekked out to Ely and paddled 2 small lakes per day for an entire week. We've also been in Lake Superior and enjoyed the larger swells. The rougher the water, the greater the fun quotent. We highly recommend this kayak.

Paddled in the Libra with...

Paddled in the Libra with my better half this past summer and thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent in it. The Libra was extremely stable when fully loaded and handled the swell and chop of the ocean surprisingly well. Tons of cargo space available for long expeditions and very roomy cockpits (30 " wide) for all sizes. Found the retractable rudder sometimes hard to operate but the rudder pedals easily adjustable. Great looking double.