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My old scout group had a set…

Submitted by: Chuchi on 2/1/2022

My old scout group had a set of these, they were old when I started with them, they paddle reasonably well, in a wind they like to go sideways, but when there loaded up they track ok, steer well and the stability is amazing. Clipper makes them out of something like 13 layers of fiberglass, where as there normal boats are more like 4-6 layers. I am convinced they are invincible, I have watched them get dropped onto concrete, dragged across rocky beaches, fully loaded on the beach with no support and paddled full speed into a rock breakwater. Last I heard someone was thinking about putting a wear foot onto the bows, as far as I know that's the ONLY maintenance done since manufacture 30?+ years ago.

Great for a first boat, rental, general use canoe, cabin boat etc.

Cheep (relative to other composites), strength and durability of a plastic boat, but lighter and better performance (probably would not try much white water though) extremely stable ( I have only seen one flip and that involved 3 of our less bright bulbs and a power boat tow.)

Could be tripped, handles weather well, something like 900lb payload


heavier than most modern fiberglass boats

the flat bottom and relatively high sides cause you to drift sideways in wind unless your loaded

there are simply better preforming canoes on the market (for more money, and or less durability)

Conclusion at there price point there great, I would someday consider getting one as a loaner boat. it would allow friends to have a good paddling experience, and keep up with other boats without me worrying to much about there steering/beaching techniques.


Great canoe for the price.…

Submitted by: paddler234180 on 1/27/2012
Great canoe for the price. Look for the Yukon hammer test on YouTube, very impressive. Huge stability and good speed for its length, awesome all around boat for people on a budget.

I bought a Yukon from a…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/5/2010
I bought a Yukon from a fellow who had little idea about the boat was about. On paddle with a friend of mine who trained me in marathon racing canoes, he laughed and said, "we should enter few canoe races (recreational class) and clean up." Very impressive glide, control, and impressive secondary stability. My four year-old bounces from gunwale to gunwale and the secondary stability never had me concerned. My brother and I just paddled up 1+ class river with the kids and I never lost sleep when we caught the current going back down. Nice canoe, however the weight will kill me if I carry it solo, 75+lbs. Good family performance canoe.