13' 9"
Width (in)

Algonquin Description

The Algonquin is a kayak brought to you by Clearwater Design. Read Algonquin reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other kayak recommendations below or explore all kayaks to find the perfect one for you!

Algonquin Specs and Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Cockpit Type: Sit Inside
  • Seating Configuration: Solo
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Smaller Adult/Child, Average Adult, Larger Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Smaller Adult/Child, Average Adult, Larger Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Clearwater Design
Algonquin Reviews

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Fast and easy to Maneuver.…

Submitted by: paddler2614595 on 12/27/2023

Fast and easy to Maneuver. As mentioned by others, there is no padding inside so you have to jam your knees against the inside. I have not yet gotten around to having to add my own padding (wish I didn't have to). The rudders pedals began to stick but spraying a water proof silicone lubricant on the tracks they are attached to seemed to fix the issue. Overall happy with the purchase for the price point.


Overall happy with the…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/22/2022

Overall happy with the performance, however this boat has problems. No brace padding in the cockpit, as a day tourer it needs minimum of padding on the cockpit edge similar to Perception kayaks. I added my own. Bracing helps you control the boat in waves. The steering is very sticky I am 6" 2" and have the controls pushed right out, turning the rudder requires massive force on the pedals. I like the speed and comfort. I paddle for hours on end and can maintain a steady 6 kph. The bulkhead gaskets started leaking after 20+ hrs. I resealed. The front buoyancy chamber leaked from the rivets. I contacted Clearwater and they sent me bolts. I drilled the rivets out and replaced, no more leaks. The bungee cord is attached too close to the cockpit edge, it prevents attaching a skirt. I drilled a new hole and moved it. The secondary stability is very good, you can lean into turns (with bracing). It cuts through waves cleanly. Would I buy this boat again - not without a factory bracing option. I did contact Clearwater and asked them, they liked my solution but did not offer one of their own.


Fast and manoeuvrable. Not…

Submitted by: vacca on 8/30/2021

Fast and manoeuvrable. Not as stable as those recreational kayaks for rent but way faster! The rudder system is very responsive. Tip: ask for higher back rest when ordering, as the one they install by default is too low (I'm 5'11).

I'm a beginner and yet I paddled 4 hours in my first ride today. I love my new toy!


This boat is OK. Positives…

Submitted by: paddler1584852 on 6/30/2021

This boat is OK. Positives include a comfortable, adjustable seat and well-sealed hatches. The dominant negative aspect relates to poor manufacturing. The keel is bent near the bow and the hull is too thin around the cockpit. It easily oilcans to the point where its almost impossible to tie it down securely. We got ours on Air Miles (almost impossible to return). Had we been shopping in-person, we would not have purchased this kayak.


I used to own a pelican…

Submitted by: paddler1584646 on 6/30/2021

I used to own a pelican kayak with rudder before and my health made me get rid of it

it was hard to get in or out if not touching bottom on that side because it would flip very easy and I thought it was V haul the whole 13 feet

but once in it traveled super well in georgen bay tobermory Ontario and alot of miles and later lake Huron and lake Muskoka and Trent severn 12 - 20 miles a day

so now 7 years later I thought I could go back kayaking and I searched most of Ontario and found the Algonquin kayak in berry's Bay Ontario

the kayak sounded great and price

I bought it and took it to small lake not far away and when I tried it on Sunday June 27 2021 I could not believe when I got it into the lake how dang harder to get in and tried few times and when in it was so dang dangerous tippy and my ESA SERVICE DOG who traveled with me on all those super great trips darn near drowned because of the super hard to get in and I got in once and tried to balance but it get being super tipsy and with all the toys totally out and had to get help to bring the kayak back park and put it on of the van

the J hooks roof rack are great

so I am taking it back to Barry's Bay where I bought (it came to all most $1,500 with tax)

the store will give me back only $1,000

I was trying the kayak in a really sandy lake with a little bit sunken tree bit and 1 rock not jagit rock dice of my hand

I hit the wood I thought but I must slid to where the 1 rock and did the kayak get a mean 2 big easy scratches

so I saw another Algonquin kayak at the same store with a large dent in so called hard plastic haul and I was told it happens some time sitting in hot days just on wooden rack

my pelican kayak sat on the J hooks and plastic work horses and never had that happen and few times beaching on rough rocks and it hardly got scratched

so I highly advise to not get yhe Algonquin kayak


Purchased my Algonquin summer…

Submitted by: paddler1231648 on 3/2/2021
Purchased my Algonquin summer of 2020, have not done any long trips yet. Previous experience was with Canoes and Recreational Kayaks(which were very stable) I find the Algonquin to be much faster that what I have paddled in the past. It has reasonable storage with a 300lb capacity, which will come in handy this year when I intend to paddle the Rideau Canal. I found it to be a bit tippy when I started to use it, but I am learning how to distribute my weight now which makes a big difference. The owners and staff at Clearwater were very informative and helpful at getting me started with a good fit, plus since I purchase at their factory I was able to pick the colour scheme. The seat is ok but not exceptional (my back is not the greatest either) a little more but padding would be great. Also a descent size cup holder and possibly a built in water tight glove box would be a great selling feature/addon. Overall I love it and recommend this boat. I intend to get the skirt this year for my trek.

I have just recently…

Submitted by: Bmadpaddler on 7/27/2020
I have just recently purchased Clearwater's Algonquin. Overall I am quite happy with the kayak. Some of the things I like is the large opening and seating area. At 6'3" I have more then enough room to maneuver around inside the boat. What I don't care for is the seat. The lower seat pad to me is uncomfortable on long paddles. The seat back with blow up lumbar support doesn't make a difference for me. External storage areas offer alot of cargo and packs very well. Wish there was a small storage compartment inside the cockpit for a larger beverage bottle. The boat tracks very well and with the standard rudder, maneuvering this very fast boat very easily. As mentioned the Algonquin is a great boat for those looking for a lower end touring kayak.

This kayak is very stable. It…

Submitted by: Wayde on 7/13/2020
This kayak is very stable. It is easy to manoeuvre and track straight.