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  • 16' Length
  • 23.25" Width
  • 63.9 Weight (lbs)
  • $ 1,099.99 MSRP

Muktuk Description

The Muktuk is a kayak brought to you by Boreal Design. Read Muktuk reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other kayak recommendations below or explore all kayaks to find the perfect one for you!

Boreal Design
Muktuk Reviews

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The Boreal Design Muktuk...

The Boreal Design Muktuk is a quality plastic kayak. It was formerly made in Canada but production has moved to Asia with a different owner.

My wife and I owned this kayak for one season. It proved to be a quality boat with good performance but had one major flaw that resulted in us selling it and getting a different model.

We found that the Muktuk was fairly stable and reasonably fast. It wasn't as stable as a kayak designed specifically for beginners but it wasn't bad and we took many rookie paddlers out in it with only one ever managing to flip it (on glassy smooth water). Speed was decent. It tracked straight, turned with moderate effort (easily with the rudder), and handled heavy seas well. The fit, finish, craftsmanship, and quality were excellent for a plastic boat.

The major flaw, and the reason we sold the boat, was that it could be uncomfortable on your knees when they were nestled up inside the hull, bowed off to each side in good paddling posture. Not everyone who used the boat found this to be the case, but about half of them found that their knees hurt by the end of a paddling session. This was my wife's boat and it hurt her knees so it had to go. We now have a different model and her knees no longer get sore, and no friends have ever complained of sore knees either. In its defense, the Muktuk was designed for small paddlers, so maybe only very small people can comfortably paddle it (but it didn't seem like a particularly small boat or kayak).

I started with the Boreal...

I started with the Boreal Narwal fiberglass but went with the roto-molded equivalent, the Muktuk for it's superior durability. I have used it on week-long wilderness river camping trips and ocean day trips. It is easy to handle, takes a beating and is very stable. Liked it so much, I bought a second Muktuk to share with a friend.

I am 5'3", 130#. I loved this boat. I spent a week…

I am 5'3", 130#.
I loved this boat. I spent a week off the coast of Maine learning to kayak in it and had a wonderful time. One day, I borrowed a friend's Necky Eliza and, although it was much faster, the Muktuk was a better fit. If you are a smaller, novice paddler, this plastic boat is worth a look.

I was able to do self-rescues fairly easily and the boat lent itself to leaned turns.

I am still looking for the "perfect" boat and am trying many fiberglass boats that cost several times what this one does, but it is still in the running.

I bought a Muktuk recently...

I bought a Muktuk recently because I have a larger kayak too: Esperanto (duo). The Muktuk is a very good kayak. Very stable, easy to paddle, relatively light and I use it when my wife doesn’t want to come with me. It's a good choice.