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Bali Reviews

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Good board for starters and…

Submitted by: paddler790825 on 6/5/2020
Good board for starters and kids. Is there a particular glue/patch kit for this board?

Awesome product

Submitted by: paddler395201 on 9/11/2017

I've owned this product for over 5 years and I am completely impressed with this product. It's still holding up just like it was new and it's been flown from coast to coast and even Hawaii. My buddy just bought a $900 isle board that is 6 inch thick (this one is a 4 inch). We took both boards out and tested one against the other. We came to the conclusion that both are great boards and very Comparable . The solstice might be a hair faster and the stability is about the same. I will buy this board again. The pump and travel bag are just ok but did the job.


The Solstice Bali is an…

Submitted by: cheyenneb on 7/8/2016
The Solstice Bali is an inflatable paddle board capable of withstanding up to 250lbs. It comes with a backpack like travel case, and air pump, removable fin, paddle, and repair kit. It is a very durable and thick board and does not give when pressure is applied. Pros Very durable and strong Very sturdy Thick material that does not give or tear easily Easy to travel with Four tie down points for attaching net or cable Cons Very heavy when deflated and rolled up in bag Usage Excerise and touring

I purchased this board a…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/2/2016
I purchased this board a couple months ago, discounted at a closing Sports Authority store. I was hoping it would be a good all around board for the family to use this summer. So far I have not been disappointed. It's easy enough to inflate, travels well, and seems to be of excellent quality. We've used it both in the ocean and on the rivers although I'm not sure I would attempt this board in the surf as it is very buoyant and dosen't cut through water like a regular surf board. I don't have experience with other inflatables so I can't compare that aspect although this one seems hard to beat. It rolls up nice and comes with a sturdy bag that you can carry over your shoulders. Mine also came with an air pump, pressure gauge, patch kit, and a detachable fin. This SUP fits easily in the back of my very small SUV (probably as much room as your average car trunk.) Once fully inflated (between 12 and 15 psi) this board is very hard. My husband is 245lbs and although he exceeds the recommended weight limit posted on the board, he still does not experience buckling of any kind. While it is somewhat difficult to pump the board those last couple psi (I had to put my entire body weight of 120lbs. on it and only got it as far as 13.75psi) I imagine any iSUP would be the same way. It was very easy to inflate before maybe 10psi and overall I would call it somewhat simple. Pros I love the quality of this board the most. I really didn't expect it to be quite so hard once inflated. The handle in the middle is perfectly balanced and allows me to carry it alone with one arm. It's easy to balance on in calm water and is a great all-around board. Cons So far I haven't experienced anything negative. I do wish the color was more grey and orange like many of the photos I've seen although mine is grey and yellow. I'm not sure why I assumed this came with elastic/bungee cord to add to the front rings for a tie-down area. Would be nice if it did, but an easy addition nonetheless. Usage I use his board for family exercise and play.

Great price for a beginner…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/7/2016
Great price for a beginner board, unfortunately doesn't come with a paddle and the pump it includes is a bit elementary but the board itself is great. Fairly lightweight, easy to roll up and transport, a little tipsy because its not that wide but strong enough to hold me and my dog and paddle around the lake for a couple hours! Pros Cons Usage

After renting a SUP to try…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/24/2016
After renting a SUP to try something new, I LOVED the sport. I however have a Fiat and a regular board wouldn't do. I found the iSUP...Perfect for me! Just recently got it and it's awesome. I live in Vegas so only lake Las Vegas and lake Mead for me. It's a sport I can do alone or with friends.LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Only draw back is it didn't come with a paddle or leash and it's an added expense. Pros Fit's in my tiny car, I can blow it up in 5 minutes! Cons Didn't come with a paddle or leash. Usage For leisure, exercise on the Lake.

I got this inflatable…

Submitted by: erinecker on 4/13/2016
I got this inflatable paddleboard off of Amazon two years ago and it has held up really well. I travel a lot and it beats paying rental prices. When I am not traveling I keep it inflated and mounted to the wall in the garage. It is a well built good quality product and can always be repaired and modified for what you like. Including adding seats, bungees, etc.. Pros Portable, Light weight, and the length is great. Moves quickly without yawing. Cons Usage Touring

An excellent board for the…

Submitted by: buggy on 12/21/2015
An excellent board for the price. Ideal for calm water use. Works best with an electric pump to get enough pressure to make it sufficiently firm. Pros Low cost, inflatable (compact storage). Cons Difficult to pump up with the provided hand pump. Usage Recreational lake use

This is my first iSUP, I…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/18/2015
This is my first iSUP, I wanted something I could take anywhere with minimal storage. I found this board on I used this board on small to large lakes, and rivers, it is definitely a beginners to intermediate paddle board. It comes with a bag and a pump, it takes me about 3 minutes to pump this bad boy. I'm 5'10 and 165lbs and this board is amazing, no bands while I'm standing on it. Its smooth on flat water, but takes a bit of work on choppy and windy water. Its definitely not for speed but for cruising and sight seeing. Over all, for my first board this is a perfect board. Unfortunately, I'm a fast learner and probably going to buy a more speed and choppy water oriented paddle board. Pros light weight, easy to get on, great beginner board and affordable Cons not for speed Usage casual and touring

Bali inflate able. It's our…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/9/2015
Bali inflate able. It's our second season with two boards. Opening them after easy winter storage was a real treat. However, both kits were disappointing in terms of longevity. One pump stopped registering the psi reading, so I was forced to guess, as I had left the other pump at home. The plug teather fell off somewhere and one of the tension straps snapped the buckle. I feel it's a bit soon to have to be replacing so many small parts. Nonetheless, they are a joy to own. Pros Easy storage. Maximum fun factor. Easy to transport. Cons Little bits going wrong and falling apart. Usage Exercise and recreation. Lake use.

Great board for the price! I…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/26/2015
Great board for the price! I was able to stand up on it easily in choppy water. The paddle it comes with works well. The pump it comes with is very difficulty to inflate up to 15psi. I weigh 180 and feel that it needs the full 15 to be most stable. The kids loved playing on it with me. Pros Great price! Comes with carrying case, pump, and paddle. Cons pump is not the best. Usage touring.

We wanted to try SUPs, so we…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/22/2015
We wanted to try SUPs, so we bought 2 Balis. One leaked as soon as we inflated it, but was still usable for an hour or so. After this we needed to top it up. Swimline (the distributor has given us great service and will replace the board when we return from our vacation. The Bali is not a beginner board on anything but flat water. My partner is 190 lbs and he says unless the water is flat, the Bali is like balancing on jello. On smooth water the Bali is fun, on choppy water it is slow and I find it a bit bouncy. And it really is about 30 lbs. Pros Easy to lift out of the water, and packs up nicely. Cons Limited to fair weather conditions, I wouldn't want to be far from shore in big water. It does flex when the water is choppy. Usage Playing in the waves, exercise and touring.

Great inflatable. I own a…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 2/19/2015
Great inflatable. I own a 11'6" SUPLOVE Explorer fiberglass board but wanted a second board. I inflated and deflated handily. It is rigid at 14 PSI. Had no problems re packing back into bag!!! For the price it is a great board. I don't surf just tour in lakes, rivers, bays and open ocean. Pros Ease of transport. Don't have to worry about scratching my fiberglass board. Great for inviting a friend along. Stable. Sturdy. Nice tie downs and platform. Easy to get on from a swim. Portable!!! My pooch rides in front. Cons I was hoping for orange and gray but what arrived was yellow and gray. Not that big of deal just surprised. My package did not include a paddle-so have to get a second one. Usage Tiouring. Flat water. Fun. Exercise.

After years of kayaking, my…

Submitted by: Darleneoconnor on 12/12/2014
After years of kayaking, my friend invited me to go paddle boarding. I loved it! Since it was my first time I can't really compare this with other boards, but it was easy to use and after a very short time I was cruising along with no problems and beginning balance exercises to add some fun! Pros Stable comfortable deck. Easy to re-mount after a swim. Cons With my limited experience, I can't think of anything not to like about this board. Usage Touring

The Bali is a fun board for…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/31/2014
The Bali is a fun board for getting started...more like addicted, to SUP. Without daily access to true surfing I've been withering away here in North Central PA. My Bali inflatable has brought me back to life and made the river in front of my house a source of peaceful respite and focus. Pros Easy to inflate, use, and store. As a life-long surfer I find that inflatables are really great entry level boards. Lots of fun to paddle around on a river or lake. They are easy to pack and travel with. Easy to carry as well. Cons Inflatable seems to also mean slow. The flexibility vs the rigidity of a hard board creates a bit more drag than I now care for. Also, not rigid enough for surfing smaller waves(1-2ft). I'm ready to move up to a hard board! Usage I usually do a daily 5-7 mile trek up and down river from my house. It's really nice just to get out of the office and 'find my center'. I'd like to go farther and do more exploring.

Pretty good for a inflatable…

Submitted by: kayakmatt on 10/14/2014
Pretty good for a inflatable paddle board which are typicaly not my thing. Seems to be vary stable so long as the waves are small. Performs best on flat water. Its very reasonable for the price however i am more of a fan of hard boards... Pros Stability Cons Position of carying handle is unbalanced Usage Used it for touring

I tried this board out today…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/17/2014
I tried this board out today and absolutely loved it. I had my doubts with an inflatable board but found this one to be very solid. I had a great time riding it solo as well as taking my kids out with me. Pros Very solid Great workout Cons Usage Exercise Touring

I love this inflatable paddle…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/31/2014
I love this inflatable paddle board. I don't have a lot of storage room in my townhome so this was a good option for me. When inflated this board feels like a solid board and it sits high enough in the water to provide a good amount of balance. It's not built for speed, but great for a recreational user. Also, at $600 it would be a great option for someone new to the sport. Pros balance and maneuverability is good, low cost, easy to transport, fits in a trunk of closet Cons takes 10-15 minutes to inflate and you have to have the pump with you, also it's pretty heavy. The manufacturer says 25 pounds but I would say it's closer to 50. It comes with a backpack so fine for carrying a short distance but I wouldn't take it hiking. Usage still water, slow moving water (river), exercise, social