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I believe I am the owner of…

Submitted by: paddler524158 on 7/8/2019

I believe I am the owner of the first lil wolf made by the father, son team of Adirondack canoes of Childwold, NY. Near Tupper Lake, NY. I want to say If memory serves me correct they built this for me about 1986 or 87. Great little boat. Feels like you are floating on a leaf. The thwart could use some padding or a backrest which I'm working on now. The cherry and ash trim is somewhat weathered but a great lightweight solo canoe for ponds and small rivers. Not bad on smaller lakes depending on boat traffic.


I wrote a review of the Lil…

Submitted by: preshrink2 on 9/1/2004
I wrote a review of the Lil Wolf several years ago, and my feelings haven't changed. I still love paddling my little boat. I have been contacted by quite a number of people as to how to reach the makers of this boat, so I thought I would provide a contact number here. Adirondack Canoes, Childwold, NY (518)359-9096.

My Lil Wolf is wonderful! I…

Submitted by: preshrink2 on 4/29/2002
My Lil Wolf is wonderful! I travel throughout the Adirondacks as part of my work, and keep my Lil Wolf on top of my car. When I see an inviting pond on my way home, it is so lightweight, and easy to manage, I am on the water quickly and easily. I can handle it by myself (average size, strength woman) which is why I decided to buy it. I don't have problems with my knees in the Lil Wolf, as another reviewer indicated. It is a great size for me. I also put a folding foam seat in mine to help pad my back against the yoke. At first I thought it was a bit tippy until I got used to it's feel. I love it now, as it seems to move with me, like handling a sports car. I can't say enough good things about this canoe, and the price is amazingly affordable.

I've had a lil wolf for 3…

Submitted by: paddler229449 on 9/6/2001
I've had a lil wolf for 3 years now and it is quite the canoe, though it's the first i've ever owned. I just returned from a one week solo trip from Ithaca to Lake Ontario (oswego) in my purple wolf and it served me well. Because I sit on the floor of the canoe, there is rarely any worry of tipping. In fact, it's difficult to capsize the thing. But sitting cross legged can get very uncomfortable after a while and this is the one drawback I've got with it. They supply a pad for your butt, but the knees and back take all the abuse. If it were a little wider the knees wouldn't be scraping on the sides which are not smooth.

Also, the center thwart was not heavy duty enough for me and started to come apart at the ends so I replaced it with my own piece of wood which might have added a pound to the total weight of the canoe but was surely worth it. The price is quite good, I think, for the quality of this canoe. It's a blast to take it out on a windy lake if you don't mind getting a little wet. Very stable and maneuverable, I love it.


The Little Wolf is a slender…

Submitted by: paddler228059 on 4/12/1999
The Little Wolf is a slender and light canoe that is at home on the river as it is on a remote pond. In a composite lay-up it weighs 25lbs. It has a little rocker and a flared bow. It rides waves like a dream. It is shallow in the center, only 11' depth, with a 28' beam.

It is a versatile solo pack canoe made of an economical and tough proprietary lay up of polyester cloth and fiberglass.

The wood trim is gorgeous, and the canoe can be purchased brand new, in almost any color you want, for less than $400!