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14' Racing / Touring Xplorer S

14' Racing / Touring Xplorer S Description

The 14' Racing / Touring Xplorer S is a sup brought to you by Tower Paddle Boards. Read 14' Racing / Touring Xplorer S reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other sup recommendations below or explore all sups to find the perfect one for you!

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14' Racing / Touring Xplorer S Reviews

Read reviews for the 14' Racing / Touring Xplorer S by Tower Paddle Boards as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

easy to carry is a "ship"...

easy to carry is a "ship" perfect for my weight im 116 kilograms, and really stable. Pros easy glide(fast), i can take my wife and kid with me. Cons sometimes is too big to take it out without desinflating it. Usage i use it for exercise, and touring.

This was my first board. I...

This was my first board. I have a small car and no roof racks so I was looking at what my options would be and found Tower Paddle boards. I ended up going with the biggest inflatable board they have and am so happy I did. People are always surprised that it is inflatable because it feels hard and sturdy once it is blown up. I actually ended up purchasing a second one because I loved the boards so much. Pros I put it in my trunk and am on my way. Fast to blow up. When I'm done I deflate, roll up, and throw it back in my trunk on a tarp and wash it when I get home. The whole process takes about 4 minutes. I love that it is so long. I am now the designated person in the group to carry extra stuff because the board holds around 800lbs. I have towed kayaks and other boards. I have paddled hours on it with my friend sitting on the back of it. It sits higher above the water so you and your things don't get as wet. If you take the fin off you can easily coast over very low levels of water. Cons In the wind it can get a little harder to paddle because it does sit higher off the water but I just sit and paddle when conditions are like that. Also, I have lost fins because they can catch on the bottom and push it out of place. I just check more often to make sure it is still in there. Usage I live in Florida and mostly paddle out in the Tampa Bay or one of our rivers leisurely.

Great board for cruising...

Great board for cruising on big lakes Pros Board performs great on the water. It is consistently faster and much more stable than the 10' inflatable I own. And the 8" thickness keeps your feet up and out of the water which is really nice on cold days. Cons This board is much heavier and takes up significantly more space than a 10 footer. This makes it a lot harder to get in and out of the car. It also takes about 50% longer to inflate versus a 10 footer. As you might expect, it's more difficult to turn this board in a tight space. Usage I use this board for exercise and touring on flat water (lakes and slow moving rivers).

Great board for river and...

Great board for river and surf!! It's easy to paddle with one or two people riding. Love this board Pros Fast and very stable. Two people can ride easly Cons Can be hard to store and transport Usage fun in the sun. Our moto for the day was, "we go slow, but we ride together"

I love the quality and...

I love the quality and roughness in this board, we can be 2 or 3 in the boardddd it is awesome, the only thing is that you need to screw the fin each time and is easy to loose it It would be better to only clip the fin Pros Stable, rough and cheap Cons The fin not practical at all Usage Exercise and touring

This is a great board, we...

This is a great board, we just got it in December, and have taken it to the lake a couple of times, its fun for the whole family. Pros Because it is inflatable, it is easy to transport. I takes about 10 minutes to pump up with the included pump. Its big enough for me and my 10 year old son to comfortable ride on. It is much more durable tha tyou think it would be, once it is inflated, it is very solid. Cons I have used regular paddle boads in the past and the inflatable takes a little getting used to, seems more shaky than traditionl board. Usage Use it on lakes for touring and exercise. May try a little fishing, but just leisurly touring now.

14' Racing / Touring Xplorer S