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11'4" Guadalupe

11' 4"
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11'4" Guadalupe Description

Jarvis wanted to create a paddle board that could be used in a wide range of conditions. They've updated the design by tweaking the shape, adding a walnut stringer, and including a 2 + 1 fin configuration. The Guadalupe is the perfect all-around wood SUP making it ideal for fitness paddling, catching waves, SUP Yoga, or just having fun on the water with friends and family. The Guadalupe is available in two different sizes so that it can be tailored to a specific paddler's size and weight. This makes it a great board for the newer paddler who wants a do-it-all board that will perform well regardless of water conditions.

11'4" Guadalupe Reviews


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11'4" Guadalupe Specs and Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Seating Configuration: Solo
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Additional Attributes

  • Ergonomic leather carrying handle
  • Maintenance free gore-tex vents
  • Tool-less FCS II fin system

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11'4" Guadalupe Reviews

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First in Class in Both Performance and Style

Submitted by: paddler374450 on 7/10/2017

Our experience with this board has been exceptional in every way. My dad recently took up a paddle boarding at the young age of 67. He quickly became obsessed. to He lives in Venice, close to Marina Del Rey, which is where we would paddle. We purchased some used boards and found ourselves on the water 3-4 times a week. In addition to the great workout, it provided us unprecedented opportunity to spend quality time together. Long story short, my dad loved the Marina so much that he decided to buy a boat. As a Christmas/birthday gift, I decided to buy him a first rate paddle board to live on his boat.

I researched for days to find a board that was stable, user friendly, lightweight, reliable and also beautiful. Despite it being a newer company, I found myself drawn to the Jarvis Website. Specifically, the Guadalupe board. On paper and in the photos, it was everything I was looking for and more. After speaking with Tony for 10 minutes, I knew this was the board. The passion and meticulous craftsmanship with which Tony and his team manufactures these boards is inspiring. To make the deal even sweeter, Tony was able to customize the board with the boat logo. You can see the Strength & Honor Board under the Customize Tab on the Jarvis Website.

After about a month, we received the shipment. My expectations were so high, I was nervous that I would be let down. To the contrary, the board in person was even more beautiful than it appeared in the pictures. The logo was perfectly set into the board. The lines were magnificent. The polished two tone wood was breathtaking. The leather strap is sturdy and also designed beautifully to fit with the overall feel of the board. Although the Guadalupe is a line or boards, you can tell each one has custom feature. In fact, as discussed below, we learned that first hand when we purchased board number two. Even better than her looks, Guadalupe is a beast on the water. The first time my dad took her out, he was blown away by her stability, maneuverability and her speed. There is no comparison between this board and the others we had been riding. Night and day. My dad loved the board so much that he immediately ordered a matching one for me. We plan to order two more for my wife and brother. In sum, this is the best darn investment we have ever made. It is hard to keep us out of the water. Pretty incredible how our father-son relationship has blossomed out this shared experience. Although this will cost you a pretty penny, it is worth ever cent. The quality, craftsmanship and design of this board is second to none. Spoil yourself. Spend the extra $300 for the Bentley of boards. You will not be sorry.

It wouldn't be right if I did not warn you about the downside of this board. If you are a private person who likes to be left alone when you go paddling, this is not the board for you. With Guadalupe, also comes celebrity status on the water. We have been stopped and/or cat called practically each time we have been out on the water. "Where did you get your board." "Awesome, bro." "Insane." The worst is when the ladies stop you and ask if they can go for a ride...this is especially difficult as a newly married man. My dad, who is single, does not mind at all though. In fact, he has found himself a few "paddle partners." In short, buyer beware, with the purchase of Guadalupe, you will be the talk of the Marina, Lake, Ocean, River or whatever body of water it is you choose to enjoy.


Professional Service

Submitted by: paddler359288 on 5/8/2017

Love my new board! The pictures don’t do it justice. The wood grains and attention to detail are insane!