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The Stellar S16S Multisport Surf Ski is a versatile and high-performance kayak that caters to both entry-level and intermediate paddlers. Crafted with a focus on quality and innovation, this kayak boasts a lightweight yet durable construction that combines Kevlar, fiberglass, and a Nomex honeycomb core..The S16S features an open cockpit design with a comfortable and responsive 3-point footboard, allowing for easy entry and exit. Its rounded seat and watertight hatches provide ample storage for day trips and overnight adventures. In the ocean, the S16S is a true delight, easily catching waves and carving with precision. At just 35.3 lbs, the S16S is incredibly easy to transport and car-top, thanks to its cockpit handles. Its multi-sport construction makes it suitable for class I and II rapids, as well as flat water and ocean environments With a weight capacity of 320 lbs, this kayak can accommodate a wide range of paddlers. .Available in a variety of vibrant color options, the Stellar S16S Multisport Surf Ski is a versatile and high-quality choice for fitness paddling, recreational use, and even entry-level racing.

So my friends due to sudden health issues I'm forced to sell my beloved Stellar S16S Multisport Surf Ski kayak. This boat is my all time favorite in its form and function with agility and controlled capability to handle riptide to rapids and will thrill you on a big wave as well. Very versatile boat and minimal effort to motor up to desired speed, maintain rhythm, and carving is such a dream wirh this boat. This is the DEAL OF THE SUMMER OF 2024!!! Sale price is $3500... ($7000 new) and for $4500 ill throw in a second kayak SEDA REVENGE Kevlar bottom an excellent boat for a grand total way less than anything you will be able to find I feel quite confident about that. The Stellar S16S used price ranges from the baseline model (mine is the top line all the bells and whistles) I've seen at $3500 and for my model average used list price is $5000... for less than the average price of ONE you can get TWO GREAT BOATS AT $4500...

thank you

Perhaps A Paddle?

I am having issue with uploading photos and video. Contact me @ 206-415-7455 for all the photos and video you would like and feel free to ask any questions. Thanks.

if you search this boat STELLAR S16S MULTISPORT SURF SKI YELLOW/GREY the look of the new one is very close to what you will see with this boat. Was used less than 10 times. Thanks again.

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