Petrel sea/play kayak 17’

Condition: Used

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This strip plank petrel sea/ play kayak is 17 feet long, 22 inches at its widest and weighs under 38 pounds. It’s a low volume kayak with two storage hatches, it’s perfect for long day trips. It excels in rough water but is also handles well in calm water thanks to a drop cable skeg. With its 22 inch width it’s probably best for medium to small paddlers. Although I’m 6 foot 2 inches and it fits me.

I built the kayak about 8 years ago from guillemot plans using Alaskan white cedar, red cedar and maple laminated between 6 and 8 ounce fiberglass. I finished it by saturating it with marine grade epoxy. The seat is made out of Kevlar hardened with epoxy. I restored it about about 2 years ago, sanding it down and finishing with epoxy and then 7 coats of Marine grade varnish. I padded less the 50 hours in it.

There are some minor blemishes on the bottom of the kayak that do not impact it performance or it’s structural integrity. Some of the blemishes are because the epoxy set to quickly in one spot you can see the fiberglass because of this. The other blemishes are scratches that I filled and added fiberglass to. I have included pictures showing the blemishes.

The back hatch leaks slightly due to the low profile of of the back of the kayak. The leaks are easily combatted with good dry bags. When I’ve rolled and did some re-entries a dozen times about 2 cups of water had collected in the back hatch compartment. I haven’t been able to come up with a good solution the minor leaks in the rear compartment.

It’s a sleek and graceful kayak that moves through the water smoothly. I’ve adjusted the price to reflect the scratches and hatch leaks.

Thanks for looking

FYI I’m in sun city az

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