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IRocker BlackFin (ISUP) IRockers inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard

Condition: Used

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All right, so I’ve got a IRocker BlackFin line of boards. And actually how we came to make our decision on IR or blackfin inflatable paddle boards was when we went on a paddleboard tour long story short we asked him what kind of paddleboard do you think would be best for an inflatable board they recommended Irockers. Well I got froggy one Christmas I got on their website checked them out. These are three layer PVC and have reinforced carbon fiber sides you have occurring pack for boat for each board. You have a hand double barrel pump for each board a tool repair kit patch kit. A ground sheet, you can lay them out on when you’re inflating and deflating the board to protect your board. They do come with an electric pump spare battery. Each board does have a kayak conversion kit. The extra paddle plus the seat for the board itself three fans for each board, fishing rack, and lanyards for each one. These boards are an absolute beautiful condition. We only taken it. We’ve only taken them out on the water three times each time I pulled them out of the water. I wiped them down with a towel & dried them off before I put them up in the bags. The model X is 10’6” board 35 inches wide, the XL board is 11‘6“ and is 34 inches wide. I do believe the model X has a 350 pound weight rating. The XL model has a 485 pound weight rating I do believe. Endless possibilities your folks we were beginners totally Greene when we went on our little paddleboard tour, which was awesome we bought these is our first board. My personal opinion I think they’re great board for your money total all in all with all the gear and everything for both boards when it was all said and done. I believe it was around 2700 bucks. I’m only asking for 1000 for both plus all the gear the conversion kids everything you need to take these bad boys out on the water really nice packs in my opinion for an inflatable sup as everybody there you know they think inflatable and you’re taking these things out on big lakes and oceans and stuff like that. I can assure you these things are very very well built for only putting you 15 to 17 pounds of air pressure in them that board solid. I mean it really is it’s it’s solid under your feetfor beginners opinion, as if you’re gonna have some balance issues issues you’re getting used to riding on them, but you can follow your knees without hurting yourself like you would on a hard little more forgiving. But all in all, they said, they only been out on the water three times. They’ve been very very well taken care of. They have been kept in the house when they’ve been stored away, but yeah, lifejackets have three lifejackets to go with them basically everything you need to get them all on the water. The only thing if you need anything else for him would be if you wanted to do some night paddle boarding you need to get lights that’s it.

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