Fully equipped Kruger Dreamcatcher


Hi all,

I’m selling my Kruger Dreamcatcher, hull #24 which I purchased from SnoreBringGator after he completed the WaterTribe Ultimate Florida Challenge with it some years ago. It was for my youngest son who never took to it. I’d rather see it get some miles on it with an enthusiast than let it gather dust so here it is. I’ve posted a ton of pictures and they pretty much tell the whole story. It’s fully outfitted with a Pelican case, BOSS outriggers, Balogh Batwing sail, standard and oversized rudders, a cart and pulling rig, cockpit cover, spray skirt, spare parts, decals, and even a used ZRE paddle.

There are some minor flaws: there are some scratches on the hull, some cosmetic blistering under the deck paint, and the spray skirt zipper is currently stuck. I’ve included pictures to show close ups of the first two. NOTE: the webpage has multiplied the photos and the Edit function isn’t letting me delete the duplicates so my apologies for the repeated photos. If anyone knows how to contact someone to help you have my thanks in advance.

I’m selling it as a package for $5,995 all inclusive. The boat is on the Gulf coast of Florida near Sarasota and can be picked-up onsite.

I paddled as Turtle in several WaterTribe events including completing the 2003 Everglades Challenge and several Ultra Marathons and this would be a great boat if you’re at all contemplating that event or any long distance expedition.

Approximate Location

Location is approximate