Current Design Gulf Stream Kayak

Condition: Used

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An iconic design in the world of sea kayaking, the Gulfstream was created by world famous designer Derek Hutchinson. It's highly maneuverable and appeals to those who want to make their kayak dance with a tilt of the boat and a stroke of the paddle. A retractable skeg enhances tracking on longer trips and in adverse conditions. The Gulfstream's forward and stern hatches give ample storage space and a watertight seal. This boat has been lovingly cared for, washed after every paddle and stored indoors year-round. Spray skirt included.

Fiberglass construction

Weight 52 lbs

Overall Length: 16' 10"

Width: 23.75"

Depth: 13.75"

Cockpit Size: Length: 30.00" Width: 16.50"

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