Classic Valley Pintail, OC cockpit

Condition: Used

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This is your chance to own a piece of kayaking history and the thrill of paddling this high-performance sea kayak. This OC cockpit is small and the fit needs to be like a glove to enhance the high-performance capabilities. I am 5’10” at 155# and the fit is spot-on perfect with the current padding. This kayak was recently overhauled by Turning Point Boatworks of Richmond, VA. The kayak has several cosmetic bumps and bruises and the construction is bombproof.

Length: 17’2” Width: 21”

The kayak comes with one full-neoprene skirt and one touring skirt as well and a cockpit cover. In addition, this kayak comes with a custom, zippered, Bag Lady storage bag made of WeatherGuard (This one of the last she made before selling her business.)

Check out the attached photos. Contact me for walk-around videos.

Also, see the below sampling of reviews from’s reviews for the Pintail:

“This kayak is definitely not for beginners or those looking for a ultra-solid cruiser to take on the pond on calm sunny days. This is an ocean play boat. It takes some skill to paddle and it loves the rough stuff. It turns on a dime with a sweep stroke and some edge. It rolls like it genuinely dislikes being upside down. It surfs amazingly, but asks for the driver to know what they are doing. Valley no longer makes this as a production boat (too bad) but will still make one if ordered. This is a tried-and-true design and deserves a place in today’s paddling community”

“Is this one of the best "all around" kayaks.....No. Does it succeed in achieving what it was designed for....ABSOLUTELY! For those of you who get excited about paddling when the waves kick up, for those who like to surf sea kayaks and those who use the coastal surf as a playground, the Pintail is an elite player among some very strong competition.”

“I've never been in a boat that inspires such confidence in rough seas. Lots of forgiveness, a very loose hull (with the ability to trim it a bit using the skeg and balancing the load), lots of rocker. Feels fast in rough water; I like to say this is where it catches up to the other boats. I've never had problems keeping up with other craft in rough water. Padded out to fit me like a pair of tight jeans, it's easily trimmed and controlled with the hips. The gel oat is very nice, the layup is light but solid. I found it possible to cram a week's worth of gear inside.”


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