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British P&H Scorpio I LV Sea Kayak — 16 foot 11 inches long

Condition: Used

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I bought 2 of these identical British P&H Scorpio I LV Sea Kayaks and use one of them almost every month on area lakes and rivers. The second kayak that I am selling has seen very minimal use. The hull is in very good condition. It has been properly stored to manufacture’s specifications, and the skeg housing system is updated.

The P&H Scorpio kayak is ideal for both beginners and advanced paddlers. Its sleek and stylish design is both very stable and fast moving - perfect for exploring rivers, lakes and oceans. This sea kayak is made with top-quality materials to ensure its durability. This is a boat that was built for several generation of paddlers to use and enjoy.

Current Scorpio II LV version of this boat retails for $2,600.00. Make me an offer on my Scorpio I LV.


Material - Corelite foam core

Length - 16' 11"

Width - 22"

Max Deck Height - 13.7”

Total Volume - 80.5 gal NOTE: cockpit volume included in this figure

Cockpit Dimensions - 31" x 16.5"

Weight - 55lbs

Optimum Load Range - 143-275lbs

Approximate Location

Location is approximate