17' Double-Ender Grumman Canoe .050 Shoe Keel

Condition: Used

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Pickup or Delivery anywhere in CT/RI/Southern Mass. Was my grandfathers, he took exceptional care, like new condition. 1000 dollars, retails over 2000 dollars. Message me with offers!
Length: 17 feet
Width: 36 and 1/8 inches
Center Depth: 13 and 1/8 inches
Ribs: 3
Keel: Standard
Capacity: 755 Pounds
Weight: 75 Pounds
Made from Aircraft Aluminum: Durable, reliable, and repairable. All Grumman® Canoes are hand-crafted from a special age-hardened, stretch-formed aluminum alloy. The aluminum alloy is substantially stronger than traditional alloys, giving it the power it needs to perform and last. Click here to learn more.

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